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Fueling Your Passion through Beachbody Coaching

Fueling your passion through Beachbody Coaching - Beachbody Coach benefits
Family - My Ultimate Passion

Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody once said "Beachbody shouldn't be your life, it should give you a life", and that is something that I live by every single day.

When I started coaching in late 2010, I would have never thought that this crazy little workout program called P90X would provide me with such an amazing and abundant life. My story is really no different than any other story you've seen uploaded on Youtube, or pinned on Pinterest, or whatever social media network that you use. But I can tell you this, I've always had deep passions ever since I can remember. I guess you can say that I was always a GOAL DIGGER.

My first P90X Transformation
Fueling your passion through Beachbody Coaching - Beachbody Coach benefits

I remember telling my mother growing up that I wanted to be a SUPER HERO, so that I could protect her from all the bad people in the world. I can recall telling my Dad that I was going to be a millionaire so that he didn't have to work as hard as he did. At an early age, taking care of my family was important to me. I remember talking to my brothers and sisters many years ago about chipping in to purchase a summer home to host our family reunions.

My passions in life are pretty simple, let me share them with you:

1. Family
2. Travel
3. Entrepreneurism
4. Health and Fitness
5. Faith

I can actually go on and on about what fuels me, but those are my TOP 5 PASSIONS in life. What are yours?

Adventure Travel - my extreme passion! 
Fueling your passion through Beachbody Coaching - Beachbody Coach benefits

I think that as we all get older, life just gets in the way of what we truly want out of life. We get so distracted by our jobs, boring activities, and stressful deadlines, that we forget about what matters most to us. This is exactly what happened to me. I was so busy trying to make a buck, that I totally forgot about my life. Do you relate?

Family Reunions is what always brings me back to my reality. I LOVE spending time with my family, it's what I enjoy the most, and this is when I encountered one of my defining moments. My brother gave me a set of P90X DVD's and I started a new chapter in my life. I began a health and fitness journey in late 2010, and I cannot begin to tell you how much of an impact it has done for me. Not only am I fitter than ever, but I am also financially free from a boss. What does that mean? Let me explain.

It seems like it was only a few years ago, but I dreadfully worked 3 jobs, 100 hours a week, and on top of that, I still barely made enough to pay my bills. I had broken relationships, drank all the time, and was not happy. I knew that I had to change something with my life if I wanted to change some things in my life. Becoming a Beachbody Coach has changed everything! I don't want to sound like I am bragging, but I actually feel like I am on vacation every single day because all I do is workout, spend time with family, and travel all the time. Again, I do not say this to brag, because it wasn't an easy task, it was hard work, but it was oh so worth it. And I know that if I can do it, then you can too!

- How would you like to fulfill all of your passions?
- How would you like the option of working your job instead of being required to work for someone?
- Does sleeping in sound good to you? Waking up when you want to, not with an alarm clock.
- How would you like to go on vacations and not worry about what's in your wallet?
- Imagine being able to donate a million dollars to your favorite charity or church?

The list goes on........

- How would you like to run obstacle course races or marathons around the world?
- What about the simple things in life like picking up your kids from school, or watching their ball games?
- What about taking your spouse to a nice dinner any time you want?
- How about buying your dream home in different countries around the world?
- How would you like to spend more time with the people who mean most to you, like your family and close friends?

Beachbody Coaching may seem like a business (and it is), but it's a business that you can do full or part-time to help you fuel your passions. If I could build this business working over 100 hours a week, then I know you can too, no matter what situation you're in! It took me a little over 2 years to make Beachbody Coaching my full time gig, and I know some of you may be thinking  "that's a long time!", but I'm sure that you would agree that it's a lot better than working for someone for 20-40 years of your life? Who wants to do that? I know that I didn't want to.

Working full time at my job, and part-time for my fortune. That's what I did when I first started, in fact, that's what most people do. But if you are passionate about what you are doing, having fun, and you would like to get more healthy and fit, while helping others, then guess what? This is the financial vehicle that you may be looking for.

Financial & Time Freedom 
begins with making a decision to WORK HARD FOR IT
Fueling your passion through Beachbody Coaching - Beachbody Coach benefits

Fueling your passion can be defined as doing something that you love while doing something you love. But here's the thing, most people have it all wrong. The average person fuels their passion by doing something that they don't like doing such as working a dead end job, working late hours all week for a couple days of freedom, only to go back the next week and do it all over again. Where's the fun in that? 

It doesn't have to be that way. If I told you that you can actually do something that makes you feel good about yourself while helping others, and that it could help you fulfill your PASSIONS, would you do it? I'm pretty sure that you would say YES. It's all about getting the right information from the right people. There are too many people out there talking smack about the things that they don't know anything about, you know what I'm talking about =)

Some people say that they have had many lost opportunities, and if they have done this, or if they have done that, or if they "GOT IN" earlier etc. that they would be successful right now. That might be partially true, but what they fail to understand is that there are many more opportunities out there, and I would be happy to share one with you, but only if you are 100% ready to not make any excuses to pursue your passion. I'm talking about having an "ALL IN" mind set.

Are you serious about making big changes in your life. Are you goals really important to you? If you are ready to FUEL YOUR PASSION, then it first starts with moving forward and making a DECISION to make it happen. Are you a talker, or are you a DOER? These are all questions that we must all ask ourselves when making big life decisions. But that's order to live the good life, you must first learn to LIVE THE GOOD LIFE!

If you are ready to find out how you can fuel your passion through Beachbody Coaching, then feel free to message me here, looking forward to hearing from you soon! =)

Road trip with my daughter and nephews =)
Fueling your passion through Beachbody Coaching - Beachbody Coach benefits

It begins with a health & fitness journey, start here!

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