Sunday, September 13, 2015

Preparing to Explore South America as a Digital Nomad

Backpacking South America - Fitness Digital Nomad - Online Beachbody Coaching - Fitness Travel - Online Fitness Business
Planning out my trip to South America

Yes, you can say that I have the travel bug right now =) My last trip abroad was during the latter part of 2014 when I went to Southeast Asia for about 4 months, and like I do with all of my travels, I had the most amazing time and gained a ton of new travel friends, many of whom were just like me, Digital Nomads or DM's.

According to wikipedia, a Digital Nomad is someone who uses technology to perform their work and conduct their life in a nomadic manner. As a Full Time Online Beachbody Coach for almost 3 years now, my coaching business is completely online, which means as long as I have a decent internet connection, I can work my business (coach, motivate, and keep people accountable to their health and fitness goals) anywhere around the world, which is one of the things that appealed to me when I decided to make this Beachbody Coaching thing a REAL business, instead of something that most people do, which is treating it like a hobby.

So why can't you leave like right now? Ha ha, oh you know I would leave in a heart beat, but I have some pretty important things to do with my daughter before I take off for about a year. My daughter just started college, and is surprisingly to others, just learning how to drive, and guess who's teaching her? Yup, her Daddy, and I am so blessed to be able to have the freedom to just be at my daughters becking call, thanks to the freedom that I have with my digital nomadic online fitness business =) Thanks Beachbody!  My daughter is doing great, but as you know, college requires a lot of projects and deadlines, so I told my daughter to take your time with the driving and just focus on your education, driving is definitely not more important than her studies. I do have an itch to go abroad, but what's more important to me than travel is my family, especially the well-being of my daughter.

So that's one reason why I haven't left yet, the other is that I am actually in the middle of my P90X Marathon Training. I am actually all signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon which is in January 2016, so I guess you can say that I will not be leaving for South America until around February 2016. But it doesn't mean that I cannot start preparing for it =).

Mountain Biking the Most Dangerous Road - Bolivia is on my South America list

What I mean by preparing to explore South America, I simply mean that I have started to do some research on some of the most important activities that I plan to do while I am there. And no, I will not have some sort of detailed agenda, but I will have certain things that I will want to do, and here are some of those exciting things:

- Running the Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu
- Huh, pretty much running a trail marathon in each country that I visit =)
- Mountain Biking the most dangerous road in the world in Bolivia
- Exploring the glaciers and hiking in Patagonia
- Sandboarding in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
- Visiting as many local gyms as I can to continue my P90X workouts

Sandboarding in Chile - On my List!
Backpacking South America - Fitness Digital Nomad - Online Beachbody Coaching - Fitness Travel - Online Fitness Business

Sandboarding Chile
Photo Credit: 2backpackers

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! I will be posting all of my travel adventures here, so feel free to bookmark my page to get some tips on adventure travel in South America, it's going to be a blast!

Do you have a passion for health, fitness and adventure? I am always expanding my Online Coach Team! If you have some serious goals and are VERY serious about achieving them, then I may have the perfect opportunity for you, contact me here!

The Beachbody Challenge is where it all started for me, start your journey today!

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