Thursday, November 19, 2015

Trail Running at Alafia State Park - Lithia, Florida

Trail Running at Alafia State Park - Florida Trail Running - Xterra Trail Run Alafia State Park - Beachbody Performance

One of the BEST trails in Florida, the Alafia River State Park Off-Road Trails are considered EPIC by the Mountain Bike Association of America. It is the elevation changes that not only entice the Florida mountain bike community, but also the local trail running enthusiasts. The Alafia State Park host a few endurance sports events such as the XTERRA Trail Run which is why this spot is a mecca for trail running and obstacle racing athletes.

Although I do enjoy mountain biking, I also truly enjoy the primal feeling that I get from just running through the woods. Check out a couple videos below from my trail run. There are a number of trails that cater to the beginner and advanced riders and runners. The videos below are from the North Creek Trail (first video) which is considered and intermediate trail, and super fun! And the second video is from Gatorback, a "double black diamond" trail which is considered the most advanced trail at Alafia State Park. Enjoy the videos, and I hope to see you out there next time!

North Creek Trail

Gatorback Trail

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