Thursday, June 1, 2017

How I Travel 7-10 Months Out Of The Year

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I've been getting a lot of comments here and there on my social media channels about how I am able to travel long term. To be honest, I thought that I posted a blog on this awhile back, but to do something different, I'm going to jot down "for the curious", some of the things that I do that allow me to do just on my own terms.


1.  I DON'T SPEND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON ACCOMMODATIONS - I mean, I see no reason for it if I am going to be out most of the time exploring, and going on film projects that take all day and for some, all weekend. I have friends who are so kind that they allow me to stay at their place for free, but when I am not with friends, I save TONS by booking at rare-find Airbnb's, Free Camp Sites, and Hostels. Yeah, I've been to some dodgy places, but don't forget, I film races in some of the most remote places, so I am just not that picky.

Oh, and trust me, every once in awhile I stay at really nice places, but its definitely a rarity. Think about how much of the planet you can see if you didn't spend $300 per night at a hotel, I can fly to two countries with $300 while you're all cooped up in a hotel room!!! =)

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Travel Long Term, Digital Nomad Life, Real Beachbody Coach Success, Beachbody Coach Travel, Long Term Travel Tips, Travel the World Tips

2.  I DON'T DO TOURS - All it takes is for you to get on google and do a little research and find how you can do the very same tour that these companies are charging an arm and a leg for. Some tours are even free! If you want to get the best experience from your travels, try doing it yourself, it's much more meaningful.

There are some places where it isn't possible to see a place without a guide, and there are reasons for that, but what I'm saying is if there is a way that you can plan an adventure on your own, then I highly encourage it. The best plans are the ones that are never planned =) Be an adventurer, it will save you some cash, and educate you at the same time.

3.  I STAY AWAY FROM EXPENSIVE MODES OF TRANSPORTATION - Like taxis! I walk, run, or bike everywhere. If I'm too lazy, I use public transportation like buses and trains. Uber is probably the most that I would pay for transportation, and then a car rental from Turo.

Also, if you are using public transportation like trains, I recommend trying to book online, it's a lot cheaper than the ticket machines and tellers most of the time. Again, it's all about making your money last for a long time if you want to travel long term.

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4.  I COOK MY OWN MEALS - if and when possible. Find the nearest market to your hotel, and cook your own food, you can save so much money this way. Eating out is fun especially if you're at a different place, but if you want to travel long term, eating out will drain your pockets really quick and send you back home eating ramen noodles!!!

Spend that extra money for a kitchen in your room, or stay at a hostel or airbnb that offers kitchen use. You will save a bazillion bucks and even meet others who can eventually give you even more tips on long term travel.

5.  IT'S NOT A 3 RING CIRCUS - You don't have to go out every night, you don't have to drink and party all the time. There's a difference between travel and vacation. Travel is more long term, and if you are traveling for months at a time, you have to somehow create some sort of routine, otherwise your money will go bye bye real quick. Make sure that you allow time to relax. Sometimes not doing anything is everything =)

It's all about pacing yourself. If you feel that you have to do something every day, then you'll soon find out that home will be sooner than you think, and who wants to go back to the same old grind?

6.  I FOUND A WAY TO CREATE INCOME ONLINE - So that I can work from anywhere around the world. With technology these days, it's getting easier to find ways to create an online income. I started my online business about 6 years ago, and I continue to work and build it while I travel.

Working an online business remotely is not for everyone, but if you want to travel long term, than I cannot think of another way to do it unless you have a million dollar trust fund.

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Travel Long Term, Digital Nomad Life, Real Beachbody Coach Success, Beachbody Coach Travel, Long Term Travel Tips, Travel the World Tips

Sometimes people work as they travel (hotel work, bartending, working on farms, teaching etc), so that is another option, but I'm sure that you agree that being your own boss and traveling on your own terms sounds more appealing, at least for me it is. There are some online freelance websites out there if you are the creative type. Check out Upwork and maybe even Fiverr. Or better yet, ask me about how you can do what I do.


So that's about it folks. Travel doesn't have to be expensive. Just a little practice and doing a little research will take you a long way. If I can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact me, I'd love to help out =).

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