Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SURFING IN MUNICH - Germany {Video}

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Photo Credit: X Games

BAVARIA! Just another place to mark off of my never-ending list of THINGS TO DO before I die!

I was participating in a Free Walking Tour of Munich a few days ago, and I happened to see a guy on a bicycle wearing a wetsuit and carrying a surf board. I was VERY curious, so I asked the young lady who was giving my small group a quick tour, and "Cara" said, "oh, there is this spot a few minutes from here in the English Gardens where a lot of the locals go surfing". Still a little confused, I asked Cara, "is there a beach nearby?" She said, ha ha, no =) There is a canal where apparently the locals have been surfing there for years!

So there is no beach, but there is what is called River Surfing, and of course I just had to check it out, and make a video. Check it out, it's only 2 minutes!

Eisbach River - English Garden in Munich Germany

Free Walking Tour in Munich - Can you find me? 

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