Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shaun Week - Pure Cardio 2 Workout

This was Day Two of Shaun Week! I remember doing Insanity Pure Cardio, and I thought that "Pure Cardio 2" would much be easier since it's shorter, ha ha boy was I wrong! What a great workout regardless, legs are "just-a"shaking!

If you watch my video below, you will catch my Dad killing flies in the background, true filipino household I tell ya =)

Shaun Week - Pure Cardio 2 Workout

I'm loving this workout, and I very much need it since my lack of consistency with my workouts from traveling for 3 months. I'm actually using this as an on ramp to starting the new Shift Shop Workout Challenge Group (get details) in a few weeks, you are all invited to join me! Just message me =) 

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