Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hiking Camelback Mountain - Phoenix, Arizona

Hiking Camelback Mountain, Echo Canyon Trail, Cholla Trail Camelback, Hiking Phoenix Arizona
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So Camelback Mountain in Phoenix AZ was such an amazing hike. I met up with some friends who live in the Tempe area and they were pretty much my mountain tour guides for the day =)

The one thing about Camelback is that even though it is considered a very difficult double black diamond trail, there is a lot of foot traffic, especially on the weekends. If you don't like a lot of crowds, it might be best to hike it during the week.

The route that we took was going up the Echo Canyon Trail to the top, and down the Cholla Trail. And for some reason we still had enough energy to do it again, so we went up Cholla then back down the Echo Canyon Trail which totaled about 5.5 miles. Most people go up the Echo Canyon Trail and back down.

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I highly recommend that you try to get there as early as you can because the parking at the trail head is very limited. I had to actually circle the neighborhood for about 10 minutes before a parking spot was available. Here is the address to the Echo Canyon Trailhead:

Echo Canyon Trailhead (Camelback Mountain)
4925 E. McDonald Dr.
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
(602) 261-8318

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Hiking Camelback Mountain, Echo Canyon Trail, Cholla Trail Camelback, Hiking Phoenix Arizona, OHSO Brewery Phoenix

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Feel free to check out my quick hiking video on CamelBack Mountain, and if you have any questions, feel free to message me here! Happy hiking =)

Camelback Mountain, Phoenix Arizona

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