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How to Find Your Vehicle to Success

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For me, success is happiness, and being able to live life on my own terms. Success is not about monetary goals, it's more about knowing that the more wealth that you create, the more you can ultimately make a big impact whether it be giving back to a charity, church, your family, or even yourself.

Do you want to make an impact?

Making a difference in this world is not for everyone, but making a difference for you....well, most people would agree on that. But how do you do that right?

Through my years "on the job", I was always searching for the BEST business opportunity, the best way to make money, and even the fastest way to earn it. I learned a lot, what not to do, what works for me etc. Now, I cannot say that I am an expert, but what I can do is share with you what I've done and how it can benefit you.

Network Marketing. Yeah, let's go straight to the point. This is my sole source of income, and I believe that it is the best type of residual income out there, other than buying into a franchise which most people rarely even have the income to make a half million dollar investment to succeed.

The first time that I was introduced into the network marketing industry was through a company that developed consumable products such as soap and laundry detergent. They were a great company, and I loved the people and the camaraderie, but I just wasn't passionate about the products. Yes, the products were amazing, but not enough for me to get excited to share them with my friends.

Many years passed by, and I kept searching for other business opportunities, not necessarily network marketing businesses, but just anything that I can try my luck at. I've dabbled in online casinos, travel concierge services, nightlife marketing, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and even day trading. But guess what I went back to? Network Marketing! Why? Because it works! And here's why:

It's all about finding a product or service that you love and use. It's not about the selling, it's about the belief. Is it something that you would share with your family and friends? If not, then it's not a product or service that is right for you. Do you believe in the company's ethics code? That's very important too! It's also about educating yourself about the Network Marketing industry itself, and how it works, what makes it legit etc. There is a reason why network marketing is a WHOPPING billion dollar industry, and why it also creates more millionaires than any other industry out there. Do you know why?

Because it's a PEOPLE BUSINESS. It's about people helping people. It's about building relationships, making friends, camaraderie, helping people because you love doing it, not because you can make money from them. That's where people fail in this industry.....they make it all about money, and that's the worst thing that you can do. People aren't stupid, they know if they are trying to be sold to, that's where most people fail, they're doing it all wrong!

The people who are successful in network marketing are true professionals who came from nothing and learned the ropes, and the one's that you see flooding your Facebook feed with annoying products and fake posts, well......those are the amateurs.

We were born to network and meet new friends
Become an Entrepreneur, Find Your Vehicle to Success, Become a Beachbody Coach, Beachbody Coach Success Story, Beachbody Coach Tips, Beachbody Coach Opportunity, Network Marketing Benefits
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Ok, for all of you who are not "people persons", trust me, I know where you are coming from. I can be anti-social at times (well maybe a lot ha ha), but we're human, we need human interaction, I sucks lol =). But what I've found in what I do with network marketing is that, you can impact lives without even talking to people. I have learned many ways to do this, but one of my best avenues for success have been from blogging, and I am not even a writer, I'm actually terrible at it, but it is the best way that I've learned how to express myself and connect with others. Do you relate? Trust me, there's something for everyone in this industry, and I'm here to help you find what works best for you!

With technology these days, you can potentially build a multi-million dollar business from your smartphone or laptop. Training systems are at your finger tips 24/7! There are so many ways to connect with people without doing the traditional old way of home meetings and using a white board....yuck! This may be great for people who love being in front of people, but I've met a lot of people like me (hates being a salesman), and it's all about finding your strength and running with it. As technology changes, so does the network marketing industry, and mind you, for the better!!!

So how can you use this as a vehicle to success? Here are my success points to using today's Network Marketing business concepts as a vehicle to your success in anything that you want to do:

-  Find a company that has products and services that you love
-  Make sure that the company has integrity and has good ratings with the Better Business Bureau
-  Start small by just learning about the industry, the long term benefits, and incorporate the business into your lifestyle
-  Don't sell, do share
-  Start a blog about anything that you love, and incorporate online banners and links from the products that you love and use from the company that you have chosen to partner with.
-  Don't change who you are (NO, NO, NO!!!), use the products and services to enhance your life and share it
-  Be consistent. If you make it part of your life on a daily basis, it will be organic with your network of friends. Don't do "sudden burst" business posts, like all of a sudden you're a business consultant yeah right, that's fake....just be upfront with people and let them know that you are testing the waters and don't be afraid to get their opinions.
-  Your job is still a priority while you are just getting started with a new business, but treat your business like a business, and it will be a business. Treat it like a hobby, and it will always be a hobby.
-  Believe in what you do, get rid of toxic people in your life. Find true supporters and surround yourself with people who want "REAL" (and I quote) real success for you.

All the above is what I've personally done with my network marketing business and it has allowed me to expand my ideas into other business projects that I am passionate about. You may not like the idea of network marketing as a financial vehicle, and that's ok, this was the vehicle that I used and love and what has taken me to the next journey in my life. If you choose network marketing, or you are on the fence about it, feel free to message me, I can help. If you decide to go another route and choose a different vehicle to help you with your success, then that's great too! It's all about respecting and supporting each other, and I'll be honest, there just aren't enough people doing this. Keep moving forward, and I hope to see you somewhere around this beautiful planet =)

Thanks to Network Marketing, I am able to travel the world and pursue my passion in filming 
obstacle course racing events, it's been a blessing!
Become an Entrepreneur, Find Your Vehicle to Success, Become a Beachbody Coach, Beachbody Coach Success Story, Beachbody Coach Tips, Beachbody Coach Opportunity, Network Marketing Benefits
2017 OCR European Championships - Netherlands

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