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Team Beachbody International - (Outside USA and Canada)

Team Beachbody International Ordering - Shakeology International
 Team Beachbody International Ordering

As I am posting this, Team Beachbody is currently only in the United States and Canada, but that does not mean that people who live outside of the countries mentioned cannot purchase Beachbody Fitness Programs. Almost every Beachbody Product is available anywhere around the world with the exception of supplements. For more information on Team Beachbody International details, please read below.

Beachbody Fitness and Shakeology International Order Options below


How can an international order be placed?
Coaches or customers wishing to place orders to ship to addresses outside of the U.S. or Canada (not including fulfillment to any APO, DPO, or FPO address) may place their order by contacting Beachbody at (800) 240-1068 between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Customers and Coaches may also send an email to International@Beachbody.com for a shipping quote and questions about ordering. Coaches or customer should include the destination address and the products they are interested in purchasing. Products will be payable in US or Canadian funds with major credit cards, in a single payment (no multi-pay option exists for these orders).


What products are available for purchase internationally? (outside USA and Canada)
Unfortunately, there is not a list to identify which products are available internationally. However, almost everything is available internationally with the exception of supplements.
Please refer to the Beachbody International Shipping Policy (below).


What is the Team Beachbody International Shipping Policy?
Team Beachbody ships to the USA, its territories (including Puerto Rico), and Canada, as well as verified APO and FPO military addresses for US service members. Currently, Team Beachbody serves no other international destinations. Effective August 28th, 2014 Team Beachbody Canada will be its own company doing business in Canada and international shipping will no longer be available. Due to tax and regulatory issues, purchasers will no longer be able to ship outside their country of residence (according to their official billing address/country.)  Verified APO and FPO military addresses for US service members will be able to receive shipments to their verified address, including international addresses.

Is there a handling fee added to Canadian orders?
Yes. Starting August 28, 2014, a $5 flat handling fee will be added.
Is the $5 handling fee also added to HD/Autoship orders?
Yes. The $5 handling is in addition to the $2 super discount shipping.
Will the $5 handling fee increase for large orders?
No. It is a flat amount applied no matter the order size
What does the handling fee cover?
The $5 handling fee allows Team Beachbody to ship products from our US locations, across the Canadian border, through customs and to Canadian Coaches and Customers.


If I reside outside the US, but I'm using an American address to create a Team Beachbody account, will I be able to use all the payment services, like customized meal plans and all the other advantages except buying products on TeamBeachbody.com?
Yes. The system will recognize the United States address and allow participation on Team Beachbody.com, which includes the WOWY super gym.
Note: At present, Team Beachbody is only able to fulfill product to (A) the United States, (B) Canada and (C) APO/FPO addresses. We have Coaches who have customers or potential customers they've connected with over Facebook and other social media, and whom many of them want to sell product to, particularly Shakeology. What we advise Coaches (from the inquiries we receive through Compliance) is that they (as the Coach) wish to purchase product for their internationally based customer and have it shipped to themselves so they can personally ship products on to the customer, they may do so but they are responsible for all associated costs, and risks associated with shipping overseas (especially issues with customs when shipping a nutritional product across a foreign border).

International customers who are interested in buying Beachbody product can contact our customer service team via email (international@beachbody.com) and make their request, however credit / commissions are not and cannot be reassigned to Coaches.

*The Coaching in Canada is available as of October 1, 2012.


Are there PAL (DVD coding) versions of Beachbody programs for international customers in the Netherlands?
All of our current DVDs used for international markets are in NTSC region 0 format. Therefore, the DVDs provided in our programs are compatible with PAL DVDs

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Team Beachbody International Ordering - Shakeology International


How is www.Bongous.com affiliated with Team Beachbody, and how do my international customers use it to place their Team Beachbody orders? 
Bongo is a company offering freight forwarding and consolidation services for international shipments. Bongo is not endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with Beachbody. International customers may enlist Bongo's services to obtain a US address to which their Team Beachbody orders may be fulfilled. Beachbody is only responsible for the successful fulfillment of the order to the domestic (U.S.) address provided by the customer. Once Bongo (or any other similar service) takes possession of the order, Beachbody has no further responsibility for ensuring the product's safe or complete delivery.

*If you reside outside of the USA and Canada, this might be a good option for you. Simply create a Bongo account, then enjoy Beachbody Fitness like everyone else! Follow these steps:

Step 1
Create a Bongo Account here
Step 2 
Once your Bongo account is created, go here to set up your FREE Team Beachbody Account, and I will be your Free Coach =)
Step 3
Order Team Beachbody Product with your Free Online TBB account
Step 4
Get FREE Coaching and motivation from me!


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