Obstacle Course Racing

I was introduced to Obstacle Course Racing by my brother Fermin Banawa. He said "hey bro, do you want to do a Warrior Dash with me in the Carolina's?" and I said, what the heck, why not! I drove from Tampa, FL to Pensacola, FL (7 hours) to meet up with my brother and his friend Mark. From there we headed to the Warrior Dash Carolina's. And that's we're it all began! I crossed the finish line and never felt anything like it before, it became my new healthy addiction! =)

Warrior Dash Carolina's 2011

First Tough Mudder and Team Run (2011) - Watch Video here!

As I got more involved with the OCR industry, I met more and more people who were just like me, people who were living healthy and fit lifestyles, and who wanted to test their overall fitness with these sometimes "brutal' events. I started Team Dynasty OCR, which is part of our Beachbody Coaching Team, but more specific to Obstacle Course Racing. We began racing every month, while focusing on not just helping the new sport grow, but also focused on helping people train and set goals to become better athletes. We started Beachbody Fitness Challenges specific to Obstacle Course Racing, and incorporated our already existing Fit Clubs so that people could also train for free.
 1st Place AG - Dirty Foot Adventure Run (2012)

I continue to help grow the sport of Obstacle Course Racing, along with my growing team of coaches. Our mission is not just to be OCR focused, but to help people live the healthy and fit life, learn how to become entrepreneurs (instead of looking for sponsorships, we teach people to earn income on their own to pay for their own races and travel), and use that to fulfill their passion in life, their family, and of course OCR.

2nd Place AG - Superhero Scramble N. Florida (2012)

Obstacle Course Racing and the community have really changed my life. I continue to challenge myself almost every weekend, and continue to meet so many people who have inspired me. I started an online Obstacle Course Racing community called OCRTube.com, where athletes could connect with each other, share their experiences, post race photos, upload videos, and build OCR teams. It's been an amazing ride, and it really all started with P90X. Without my brother introducing me to that fitness program, and getting in the best shape of my life, and finally testing my fitness at the Warrior Dash Carolina's in 2011, I don't think that I would be writing about this today. Every one has a story, and my story is not just about me, it's about helping as many people as I can learn how the sport of OCR, and living a healthy lifestyle can really improve their lives.

1st Place AG - Vermont Spartan Sprint (2013) 

 Warrior Dash World Championships Qualified (2014) 
Placed 18th out of 250 - Warrior Dash Chicago 2014

I currently racing competitively almost every month, and independently film races for my OCRTube.com project to help the sport of Obstacle Course Racing grow. You can view my OCR video playlist here!

OCRTube.com - Obstacle Course Racing Videos

Are you ready to train for the next race! Need motivation? Message me! and I'll see you at the next race! =)

Coach Arnel

I am not currently participating in the race circuit. Since 2015, I have been focused on helping the sport of obstacle racing grow while giving back to the community. You can check out my cause-related media project called OCRTUBE.com here. This media project is fully funded by my online Beachbody fitness business. 

My favorite workouts to train for an Obstacle Course Race:
- All P90X
- Insanity Asylum
- Body Beast
- Spartan Workout of the Day
- Mountains
- Trail Running
- Mountain Biking
- Yoga (I hate it, but I love it)
- Crossfit Endurance
- Shakeology Nutrition (my #1 supplement)


Are you passionate about Obstacle Course Racing and want to help others become BETTER HUMANS? Learn more about Beachbody Coaching by clicking here, I'm always looking for the right people to expand my coaching team!

My team at their first Spartan Race in Miami, FL (2012)

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