Saturday, July 19, 2014

Body Beast Cardio Workout

I did Body Beast Cardio for the first time today, and I would have to say that it was a pretty darn good one! As a loyal Insanity and Insanity Asylum fanatic, I figured that this workout would be a piece of cake! Boy was I in for a surprise =). One of the best things that I enjoyed about this particular workout was the fact that weights were also incorporated. And trust me, you don't need a lot of weight because of the amount of reps that Sagi has you do with the exercises. I love the Body Beast strength workouts, and I have always ignored the cardio workout because I thought that it would be too easy lol. If you haven't tried it for the same reasons, then I highly recommend that you give it a shot, you will be in for a rude-awakening, I'm so glad that I did it! Thanks for a great workout Sagi.

Length: 30 minutes
Equipment needed: Bench (optional), and weights

The WARM UP consisted of high knees, hip circles, reverse lunges, side squats, sumo squats, and some more high knees.

High Knees
Body Beast High Knees


Squat to Overhead Press + Hold - Do a squat press up for about 20 seconds, then hold in squat position for 10 seconds. Repeat 3X.

Body Beast Cardio - Squat Overhead Press Hold

Toe Tap - Use a bench if you have one, if not, you could use anything such as a dumbbell, box, etc. The idea is to do them as fast as possible for about a minute.

Toe Taps
Body Beast Toe Tap

Squat to Jump Squat + Hold - Do two half squats with a vertical jump in between (20 sec), then hold a squat for 10 seconds. 3X

Squat to Jump Squat + Hold
Body Beast Squat to Jump Squat + Hold

Mountain Climber + Row + Plank - Start in plank with your dumbbells (If you use Bowflex Dumbbells, you will not be able to plank with your dumbbells, just put them aside), do mountain climbers (20 sec), then dumbbell row in plank position each side, then hold plank for 10 sec. Repeat 2X.

Body Beast Mountain Climber Row Plank

Sumo Squat + Hold - Do a sumo squats with a dumbbell for 20 secs, then hold it for 10 sec. Repeat 3X.

Body Beast Sumo Squat

Weighted Burpee + Stretch - Jump back to a burpee (just to a plank position) with dumbbells, then go straight back up with dumbbells in hand. After 30 sec, you do opposite hand, opposite leg stretch. 2X.

Body Beast Burpee

Body Beast Stretch

Plyo Push Up + Hold - Do plyo push ups for 20 secs, then hold down for 10 secs. 3X

Body Beast Plyo Push Up

Sumo Jump - Do a sumo squat, jump in, jump out to sumo squat again for about a minute.

Body Beast Sumo Jump

Squat to Upright Row + Hold - Squat with weights between your legs then go up to an upright row. Do that for 20 secs, then hold the last upright row for 10 secs. 3X

Body Beast Squat

Body Beast Upright Row

Alternating Lunge Jumps + Hold - Jump lunges switching legs for 20 secs, then hold down for 10 sec. 2X.

Body Beast Lunge Jumps

Plank Press Up + Hold - High to low plank for 20 secs, then hold low plank for 10 secs. 3X.

Body Beast Plank Press Up

Plank, Twist, Sprint - Hold plank and bring knees to elbows (4 reps), then side to side plank twists (4 reps), then full on sprint for 20 secs. 3X.

Body Beast Plank Twists

Body Beast Sprint

Cool Down: 2 minutes

Body Beast Stretch

Body Beast Cardio

Like I said, this workout really took me by surprise being that I do a lot of Insanity workouts. It's all about changing things up, and that's why all of the Beachbody Fitness Programs work so well, they work every part of your body, and are structured to make sure that you master the movements before going on to the next phase, which is what you want to do to help prevent injuries.

Finished my BEAST workout with my Shakeology, gotta have it!! =)

Body Beast Shakeology Challenge Pack

Keep it up guys! If you need some motivation and accountability, feel free to connect with me and make me your FREE Coach now!

Me and Sagi (Creator of Body Beast) at Coach Summit LV

It's time to MAN UP, and HULK UP!


  1. I know this is a really old post and you might not look at this account anymore, but this post is such a big help for me! I'm a BB coach doing body beast, and this breakdown helps me get it done at the gym without having to stream long-winded videos with Sagi! Just wanted to say thanks!!

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