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P90X2 - P.A.P. Upper Workout

P90X2 workouts are primarily geared towards advanced fitness levels.  As an Obstacle Course Racing athlete and Spartan Racer, I use these workouts a lot as they are similar to some of the Crossfit workouts. It's basically like indoor Crossfit, which can also be done anywhere! As long as you have the P90X2 Workout Sheets (or the P90X app) and the equipment, you can take it to the gym or the outdoors, and that's the beauty of P90X, it's not just for in-home fitness, it's for wherever you choose to do your workouts. I travel a lot, and I can't take my gym with me, so I always make sure that I have the workout sheets, or even the P90X app so that I can do the workouts on the go! There is something pretty darn cool about doing these workouts all over the world, and sharing it with people! No gym, no worries, just workout!

Check out my run workout with my Dad below! =)
P90X2 Running

Today I did the X2 - PAP Upper Workout, and I also did a 2 mile run with my father around the neighborhood. He even did some sprints with me, he's 70 years young, and a friggin BEAST! I hope to still be killing my workouts when I am 70+ =). What an inspiration! So let's get into the workout! Are you ready? Well, let's get it on!

The WARM UP begins:
- Heel Walk
- Feet Smackers
- World's Greatest Stretch
- Inch Worm
- Fire Hydrant
- Scorpion
- Groiners
- Low Plank on Foam Roller

 World's Greatest Stretch

Scorpion (I always look funny doing this)


 Low Plank on Foam Roller

The MAIN WORKOUT consists of 2 complexes, each complex has 4 rounds! All I can say is "pace yourself", this is a good one! FYI, this is one of the last workouts of the P90X2, so it is one of the hardest ones.

FIRST COMPLEX: (4 rounds)

- Renegade Row, in plank position lift dumbbell to chest level (each side) and push up in between. 10 reps.
- Plyo Push Ups, 6 plyo clap push ups fast
- Plank on Med Ball, 1 minute (if you don't have a med ball, just plank on an elevated surface.
- Superman with Weighted Bar, 1 minute, if you don't have a weighted bar, you can use a broom stick or even a rolled up towel.

Renegade Row
P90X2 Renegade Row

P90X2 Renegade Row

P90X2 Push Up

P90X2 - Plyo Push Up
P90X2 Plyo Push Up

Elevated Low Plank
P90X2 Elevated Plank

P90X2 - Superman
P90X2 Superman

SECOND COMPLEX: (4 rounds)

- Towel Pull Ups, these are tough, great for obstacle course race training because it helps you with your grip strength, which you need for those rope climbs =) (10x)
- Medicine Ball Pike, you do 10 of these fast! Don't have a med ball just do it without, it's still a good core exercise without a med ball.
- Step Up Hammer Press, do 5 with right leg up, then switch leg and do 5 more. The key is to use the same weight for all 4 rounds.
- Roller Angel, lay on your back on a foam roller and try to keep your back flat on the roller, elbow + hands as close to the ground as possible, movement is up and down. (I didn't have a photo of this, iPad malfunction lol)

Towel Pull Ups
P90X2 Towel Pull Ups

 Pike Up without Med Ball
P90X2 Pike Up

Step Up Hammer Press
P90X2 Step Up Hammer Press

P90X2 Step Up Hammer Press

P90X2 Step Up Hammer Press


This workout was definitely a BEAST. I first thought that it would be boring to do 4 rounds of each complex, but then I understood the reason behind it. It's about mastering the movements, and getting better with your strength and endurance, which is very important as an athlete. I've seen way too many people get bored with a workout, and move on to another exercise and get injured. You just really need to suck it up, and focus on getting better with each exercise, instead of trying to do too many movements. When you master certain exercises, you will get better overall, and will be able to tackle the next big thing. My piece of advice: don't worry about what everyone else is doing, focus on you and your goals

I also did a nice little 2 mile run around the neighborhood with my Dad. My father is 70 years young, and stays very active, which is very inspirational to me! Here are some pics from our run today. Working out with my father is very special to me, because he reminds me that "age is just a number". My father has participated in two Spartan Races so far, and placed 3rd AG at his last race in Tampa, FL. That's my Dad, so very proud of him! =)

Running Sprints with my Dad
Coach Serny Banawa

Nice run around the neighborhood

My Dad has completed the following programs:
- 10 Minute Trainer 
- Beachbody Ultimate Reset
- Shakeology Challenge

He continues to be active with: T25, Insanity, and P90X. He also attends Pensacola Fit Club twice per week, and runs every week. I want to be just like him when I grow up! =)

My Dad says, "Age is just a number"
Serny Banawa

Good job Dad! =)
Serny Banawa

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