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How to do P90X at the GYM

P90x at the gym

It's a HUGE misconception that P90X is just an Extreme Home Fitness program. I started with P90X back in September 2010 (Watch my FIRST P90X Transformation Video), and I did it all from the comfort of my own home because I wasn't confident enough to go to the gym, in fact, I did not know how to do P90X at the gym =). It wasn't until I did the program multiple times did I understand how P90X exercises could be implemented at the gym. Right now, I actually prefer to "X" it at the the gym, but of course everyone is different, but it's nice to know that you do have options =).

P90X Shoulders and Arms


1.  Use the P90X Worksheets or the P90X App - I personally love using the P90X App ($2.99) because it shows the movement list from P90X, P90X2, and P90X3. It is recommended that everyone view the DVD's first to understand the movements before implementing P90X at the gym. If you prefer using the worksheets, you can get the P90X Worksheets below:
- P90X Worksheets
- P90X2 Worksheets
- P90X3 Worksheets

2.  Bring your Laptop to the Gym - Now I am honestly not a big fan of this. Who wants to worry about getting their laptop stolen, and who wants to bring another piece of equipment to the gym? But again, this is another option, and also for people who haven't had the time to learn the exercises. If you do this, make sure to use head phones and keep the sound low to not disturb other people at the gym. Depending on how large the facility, you might be able to find a corner and take all of your "workout schrapnel" (P90X equipment, dumbbells etc) in one area.

P90X2 at the Gym
P90X2 at the Gym

3.  Use the Cardio Equipment as a warm up alternative - For example, treadmill for a walk or light jog, cycle, stair-climb or use the elliptical machine for 5 to 10 minutes to warm up your body before your actual P90X workout.

4.  Use the Gym Equipment for variety - If your workout calls for push ups, use a bench press machine. If you have tricep kick back, use the various tricep machines. Can't do pull ups yet, use the cable pull down machine. Now I am not a machine type of person, I would much rather use dumbbells and free weights, but if you change it up sometimes, it keeps your workout exciting. Whatever you do, make sure that you are sticking to the 8-10 reps (if you want to build more mass), and 12 to 15 reps (to tone, shred, and maintain).

Working out at Equinox Toronto - P90X2 Impossible Push Up
Equinox Gym Toronto

5.  Workout with an Accountability Partner - People workout at the gym for two main reasons: to have access to the equipment that they don't have at home, and to be motivated by others around them. Let's face it, we all workout harder when we are with other people. When you have your own accountability partner at the gym with you, it will help you with getting better results with P90X. Plus your partner can help you with making sure that you are doing the exercises properly. 

6.  No Gym, No Excuses - There will be days where you will not be able to go to the gym, and working out at home might be your BEST option. You can always double up on your workout the next day at the gym. So whether you are a gym freak or not, your home is always a good option to get your P90X workout in. It is of course an Extreme Home Fitness Program!

P90X2 at the gym

7.  Stick to the Nutrition Plan - It doesn't matter if you are doing P90X at the gym or at home, what you eat is 80% of your success with the program. I have used Shakeology since day 1 and it has helped me reduce cravings and has helped me make healthier choices. If you would rather use a meal planner, then I highly recommend getting a Team Beachbody Club Membership, it's simple and easy to use, and it includes the P90X Meal Planner.

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P90X Challenge Group

As with any fitness program, please make sure that you consult your physician before attempting any exercise program. I highly recommend joining an Online P90X Challenge Group. You will be added to an online group with other people who have similar goals as you. You will recieve 100% support, motivation, and accountability which will help you get the best results from P90X. Feel free to contact me for more information on my upcoming P90X Challenge Groups, or simple click here to purchase the P90X Challenge Pack!

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