Friday, July 4, 2014

Body Beast - Build Shoulders Workout

This was my second WORKOUT OF THE DAY. Earlier I did an online LIVE Shaun T workout to start my day, but I originally planned to do a Body Beast strength workout, so's Body Beast Build Shoulders, I absolutely love this workout!

Warm up started with some light jogs, arm circles, and some light lateral raises to get your muscles fired up.

Body Beast Build Shoulders

The first exercise was shoulder presses. from 15, 12, 8, then a drop set. Sagi really gets us started quick, no messing around!

Body Beast

From there, we killed some super sets which consisted of lateral raises (15,12,8) and some up right rows with a drop set.

Body Beast Delt Raise

Body Beast Shoulders

Then comes the giant set  with some under hand presses, (1,1,2) front raises, and some killer delt raises!

Body Beast Challenge

Finished strong with another super set of the infamous "Sagi Six Way" exercise, and some tuck & rolls for some shredded abs! Always end it with a cool down stretch =) Total Time: 38 minutes!

I'm ready for my SHAKEOLGY! And going to kill some ribs and grilled chicken, enjoy your July 4th! =)

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