Tuesday, July 22, 2014

813 Fit Club - Downtown Tampa FL.

 813 Fit Club - Circa 2011

It is so hard to believe that it's been almost 4 years since I opened up 813 Fit Club in downtown Tampa, Fl. I started the Fit Club with a handful of Coaches in February of 2011, and it is still growing every day. With close to 1500 members, there is no signs of slowing down!

813 Fit Club - Grand Opening Workout (3-01-11)

What is the PURPOSE behind 813 Fit Club?
As a Beachbody Coach, I mostly coached people online through various Beachbody Fitness Programs such as P90X, Insanity, Body Beast and 20+ other fitness programs. We (my coach team) understood that it was tough for some of our customers, as well as coaches to stay motivated at home, so we decided to open up a place for people who were participating in our Fitness Challenges to workout together once per week. The organized event promised camaraderie, motivation, accountability, and even some healthy competition. We also opened it up to the local community so that they could see what our programs were all about, and educate them on living a more healthy and fulfilling life. The workouts are always free, and promises challenging workouts for all fitness levels. 813 Fit Club also provides Free Outdoor Workouts at Curtis Hixon Park. The outdoor workouts are hosted by Beachbody Coaches, LIVE Insanity Certified Instructors, and local Personal Trainers.

FREE Outdoor Workouts at Curtis Hixon Park - 813 Fit Club

What is the GOAL for 813 Fit Club?
The goal has never changed since the very beginning when it was just a thought in our minds. Our main goal is to promote our greatest MISSION, which is to "End the Trend of Obesity" and help people live healthier lives.  When we started our Beachbody Coach Team a few months before the opening of 813 Fit Club, we only had 5 coaches on our team. We currently have 19,000+ Coaches on our team which spans all over the USA and Canada. Let's just say that we will never give up! For most of us Coaches, the fitness and nutrition programs have changed our lives, and we are just doing our part by paying it forward, not because we have to, but because we LOVE to! Beachbody Coaching is not just about fitness, it's a way of life! =)

 Coach Arnel Banawa on WFLA Channel 8 News with Leigh Spann

What else does 813 Fit Club offer?
We are always looking for ways to help the community. 813 Fit Club hosts several Charity Workout events, Urban Assault Runs, Obstacle Course Team Racing events, and even a FREE Online Fit Clubs. For more information on our Free Online Fit Club on Wednesday Nights, you can visit the website here, or Coach Arnel's Online Fit Club page here!

Urban Assault Run - 813 Fit Club

So if you are ever in the Tampa area, I would highly recommend that you check out 813 Fit Club. If you can't make it, and you live somewhere else around the world, that's ok too, you can join our Free Online Fit Club =) Either way, we got you covered!

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 See you all soon!

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