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Crossfit versus P90X

Crossfit versus P90X are both fitness programs guaranteed to enable you achieve lean fat mass, and elite athletic performance after a rigorous training schedule is followed through. Crossfit can be viewed in two ways;

- As a sport
- As a training modality

In the event that you are undertaking the Crossfit fitness program as a sport, then it means that you may be an athlete who is training for a match or a Crossfit game and this requires you to acquire various sets of skills different from those of an individual who is just using Crossfit as a training modality.

What is Crossfit?

If at all you are taking Crossfit as a training modality, this then means that you are out to achieve your own individual goals health wise. This is in regards to those who need to decrease fat, pregnant women and those who basically want to break the monotony of their daily life. This means that those in this category are not necessarily training for any type of organized competition.

On the other hand, undertaking a P90X Challenge will enable you undertake a ninety day fitness program which is filled with various routines of both cardiovascular and aerobic training. You can also incorporate P90X into any fitness routine instead of following the 90 day workout schedule. One of the advantages the P90X fitness program has is that the method used in training is called muscle confusion which is geared towards confusing the muscles of the body by aggressively challenging them in a variety of ways. This is of course by using;

- Different weights
- Bands
- Calisthenics

The best thing with P90X is that it can also be used in the gym or park and this is so long as you follow the P90X worksheets or the P90X app. The P90X app for Iphone is great and every trainee or trainer should actually consider having it and this is because the interactive features make it fun and easy for one to stay focused and motivated throughout the program. With this app, you actually become accountable which enables you to push through your plateaus like never before! In addition to that, you are also able to conveniently track your reps and weights and also view your customized progress reports which you can share. How amazing is that!

The P90X worksheets are also great when you use them in the P90X fitness program and this is because you will be able to track your progress which is one of the most important aspects when it comes to fitness. Do consider employing it and you will be glad that you did!

The Science Behind P90X2

I am a fan of both Crossfit and P90X, but I prefer the functionality and simplicity of P90X. If you are training for the Crossfit Games, then I understand the purpose behind olympic lifting, but I don't need that for everyday life, and as an Obstacle Course Racing athlete, I don't feel it necessary. I've been to several Crossfit facilities, and the energy is on point, so I understand why people can get addicted. People need motivation, and the camaraderie is an exceptional bonus! I actually prefer Crossfit Endurance

With P90X, there are many ways to get motivated. To be honest, anyone who works out from the comfort of their own home with P90X is HARDCORE to me, because self-motivation is very hard to do, and most people need the support from others. Here are some ways to do P90X outside of your home:

- The gym, just use the P90X Workout Sheets (see below) or the P90X app
- Bring your equipment outside or to the park!
- Attend a Free Fit Club. Check out for Free P90X Group Workouts
- Join my Online P90X Challenge Group with others who have similar goals
(Free Online One on One Workouts provided upon request)
- Join my Online Fit Club 

Crossfit versus P90X
Crossfit versus P90X

Whether you prefer to use the Crossfit or P90X program, always listen to your body, pace yourself, and make sure that you are performing the exercises properly. And as usual, it is always recommended to consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Best wishes on your fitness journey! =)

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