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813 Fit Club - Tampa, Florida

I started 813 Fit Club in downtown Tampa, Florida back in February of 2011. The mission for 813 Fit Club was to help the local community become more active with Beachbody Fitness Programs, and educate them about living a healthy and more fulfilling life. The club meets 1-2 times per week, and we currently have 1500+ members and growing. Since then I have helped open 20+ other Fit Clubs within my Beachbody Coaching Family.

And then in March 2014, with my Patagonia backpack along with my macbook, I decided to pack up my things and explore the world. Don't worry, 813 Fit Club is still alive and strong =). I am currently trekking the globe, visiting family and friends, building a huge coach team, filming obstacle course race events to benefit charity, and exploring the world's most beautiful places!

Patagonia Backpack - Nicaragua

During my travels, one of the things that I have missed is the camaraderie with the people whom I've met at 813 Fit Club. The energy, the friendship, the accountability, and the motivation! Trust me, I do meet a lot of people during my travels, but there is nothing like being in a room of people sweating their asses off trying to achieve one goal......GREATNESS WITHIN THEM

So I decided to open up another FIT CLUB! But rather than being location dependent, I started an Online Fit Club so that anyone in the world could stay accountable and motivated with me! My ultimate mission for this is to help the global community live better, feel better, and be better! It's for people who are ready to take on the real challenges in life, begin eating healthier, and to make fitness a part of their every day life. It's about staying accountable, motivating others, and meeting other people with the same vision. Does this sound like you?

727 Fit Club - St Petersburg Florida
All from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?
The FREE accountability group is for everyone! It's simple, you can make me your FREE Coach by clicking here. Once you are all done, just message me here, and I will add you to the group! 

If you are looking for the BEST results, then you'll want to join one of my Online Challenge Groups where we focus on your nutrition and fitness. It's just as simple, just message me here, and I can send you a FREE fitness assessment, and based on that, I will give you some options on which online challenge would be best for you.

Join us!
Free Online Fit Club

*Online Challenge Groups are currently only for USA, US Trust Territories and Canadian Residents. The FREE Accountability Group is for anyone around the world, message me for the details. 

Shakeology Success - Free Fit Club

I look forward to working out with you soon!

Coach Arnel

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