Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The BRUTAL Truth About Those Pyramid Schemes

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I am not going to take credit for this AMAZING article "The Brutal Truth About Those Pyramid Schemes" which was published by the Huffington Post, but I would like to put my TWO CENTS into one of the most misunderstood, but TOTALLY LEGIT businesses in the world.

Currently, I have been in the industry for almost 6 years now. I have seen plenty of people, many from my own team leave and/or quit this industry because they lacked the UNDERSTANDING of:

- How long it takes to be successful
- What it really takes to make it
- Why most people do not have the knowledge of how this industry works
- Why it's not about selling
- Why it's not important about what people think about you
- How this can be a blessing in their own life if they just DON'T QUIT

Here's the thing, I've been in this industry for awhile now, and just like most people, I have thought about QUITTING plenty of times. But if you understand that this is what AVERAGE PEOPLE do, then you will hopefully tell yourself that YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE, and do whatever it takes to make it work for you and your family. 

The well-written article that I am sharing with you was published by the Huffington Post, and really talks about the REAL TRUTH and the purpose of what this industry is all about, and why everyone is so intrigued by the opportunity.

"I am NOT a Rockstar, but I am living an AMAZING life "free from a BOSS", I do whatever I want, travel the world, and love it, if I can do it, I know that you can do it"

If you have a OPEN MIND, I encourage you to read the article below, and if you have any questions, concerns, or anything, please do not hesitate to message me. From my experience when I began with 5 "clueless" team members on our team with NO IDEA what to expect, my team and I have built an organization of 70,000+ members and growing faster everyday! We'd love for you to be a part of this EXCITING time =) 

It doesn't happen overnight, it happens by NOT QUITTING. So if you are looking for the BEST business in the world that allows anyone to be a CEO of their own company from the comfort of their home with using something as small as a smartphone, then it's time to stop looking and start doing, because it's here for you, and I'd be happy to share some information with you.

The Brutal Truth About Those Pyramid Schemes

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