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If you haven't figured it out yet, I am a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach. It didn't start out that way though =), heck... I didn't even plan for it! I began a fitness journey back in 2010 with P90X and never looked back. My passion for health and fitness inspired me to pay it forward and help others, and it was the best decision that I ever made! Was it tough, heck yes! But was it worth? Absolutely! NOW I WANT TO HELP YOU! READ MORE ABOUT ME HERE.

Become a Fit Entrepreneur!

What are the benefits of being a Beachbody Coach?
- You are totally independent and run your own business.
- Your Coaching Business is NOT location-dependent, you can run your business anywhere from around the world!
- You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself! We have a team of coaches to motivate and support you along the way.
- Your income is dependent on your performance, and not dictated by a "boss".
- There are multiple ways to earn income.
- You can potentially earn a 6-7 figure income with no employees!
- You become part of an amazing family dedicated to help you achieve your goals
- As a business owner, you receive tax benefits
- You have the opportunity to create PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME, money that keeps coming in even when you are not working. This is TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM.
- You can change your life, and the thousands of lives around you.

------->  FYI, Beachbody Coaching is NOT for everyone!  <--------

Beachbody Coaching may be for you if you are:
- A GOAL digger
- Highly motivated
- Teachable
- Humble
- Can handle rejections
- Love to help people
- Entrepreneurial
- Internet Savvy, or willing to learn.
- Have leadership qualities, or willing to learn.
- Persistent
- Think long-term
- Health conscious
- Have big dreams!

If you do not resemble the above characteristics, you may want to reconsider becoming a Beachbody Coach.

As a Beachbody Coach, you do NOT have to be:
- Fitness expert
- Nutrition expert
- Personal Trainer
- Salesperson

ARE YOU A PERSONAL TRAINER? Don't worry, you can still have the opportunity to promote your own programs. With this business, you will be able to create even more options for your clients! It's a great way to LEVERAGE your CPT business and create a residual income, and I can show you how! =)

If you feel that you meet the criteria above, then feel free to watch this 
general video on Beachbody Coaching:

Do you think that you have what it takes to become a Beachbody Coach? For immediate consideration (serious only please), please fill out the Coach Application below.

 Me and Tony Horton (Creator of P90X)

*Beachbody Coach Fees apply. Most new coaches begin coaching with a Challenge Pack ($140-$305, depending on your level of fitness and goals. Challenge Packs include Shakeology HD). I will assist you with getting started based on your fitness level and overall goals.

This is how I coach 2,000+ people from my macbook while backpacking in Central America!
 I will teach you all of my secrets once you join my team! =)

I would like more information, what should I do?
That's a great question, it's very simple! Message me here, and I have a couple options for you. You can either take part in a FREE 5 Days Coach Sneak Peek Facebook Event, or I can send you a 60 Minute LIVE Webinar Link with all the details

I'm interested, how can I join?
Simply fill out the Coach Application below, and I will get back with you within 24-48 hours to provide you with some options! Once you have filled out the Coach Application, please message me here so that I can put a rush on the process, looking forward to your success =)

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