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Personal Training versus Beachbody Coaching

It is clear that a number of people are now shifting towards changing their lifestyles and this is in regards to healthy eating together with routine exercises. Because of the positive results they experience, some usually become personal trainers or Beachbody Coaches. In looking at the two, it is seen that to be a personal trainer, you need to first acquire certification that will in turn give you the mandate to work as one. Many institutions are known to offer this type of certification and the truth is, it will generally cost you several thousands of dollars to acquire it. After getting it, you will then be required to spend many hours in the gym and this is because you will be constantly training people who are scheduled to come in or the walk ins. Apart from this, you will also be pressured into getting new clients since the gym has to be in business and this means having its doors open. As a personal trainer, you may or may not make a decent living and this is because it all depends on the number of people who are walking into your gym. And if you own your own studio, your expenses are even greater.

Compensation in Fitness by a Certified Personal Trainer and Beachbody Coach

Average Personal Trainer Salary - ACE Certification

Well, there is another option and it is to become a Beachbody Coach. Becoming one actually costs very little and making a huge difference in regards to people’s health is easy and this is because you get to coach people on the various fitness programs. This is by helping them change their lives for the better which is by giving them tips that will enable them to stay in good shape together with following a healthy lifestyle. 

Potential Yearly Earnings for a Beachbody Coach (2010)

As a Beachbody coach, you can also work in the comfort of your home and this is through your PC or laptop. Creating a facebook page and actually posting motivational and inspirational comments together with fitness modules or tricks to get in shape will actually ensure that you have a large following of people who are in favor of being fit. With this large following, you are more than capable of establishing yourself and this is by making your name known. This means that your income is not really finite but wide open to build wealth and it also ensures that you do not spend hours and hours of your life in a gym. So, why not become a Beachbody Coach today and enjoy the benefits!

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