Friday, July 18, 2014

10 Little Things That Can Give You Big Results!

It doesn't matter if you are just starting a fitness journey, or you are just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, here are 10 little things that anyone can do to help make big changes in their life.

1.  Take the stairs!  We all complain that we do not have enough time to exercise daily, so when given the opportunity to take the stairs at work, school, or at the mall....take advantage of it! Every thing that you do counts towards burning fat and calories.

 Make it count!
Beachbody Fitness Tips

2.  Eat Slowly.  Did you know that it takes your body 20 minutes to actually realize that it's full, yup!

3.  Make a point to dedicate 75% of your full meals to vegetables, and the rest to lean proteins and whole grains.

4.  Get involved in an athletic event!  If your goal is to lose weight or just get in shape, then why not make yourself accountable and sign up for a 5K or a Spartan Race. If you have something to work towards, there's a good chance that you will set goals to achieve it.

Team Dynasty OCR - Special Ops Spartan Sprint, Tampa FL.
Team Dynasty OCR

5.  Sleep!  Catching Z's for 7-8 hours helps your muscles recover faster, helps you think more clearly, and helps prevent overeating.

6.  Eat Brown Carbs!  Whole grains have a lot more fiber, nutrients, and absorb much slower. Or you can just eat Spaghetti Squash and Sweet Potatoes =)

7.  Exercise while watching TV.   You don't have to sit down and watch TV! Why not burn calories while you are keeping your brain active? Simple movements such as push ups, jogging in place, crunches, yoga, and couch dips can all help towards burning those unwanted calories.

 Watch TV - Get Fit!
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8.  Drink unsweetened fresh-brewed tea instead of soda!  Chemicals are just plain bad!

9.  Reward yourself with some new fitness gear!  Give yourself something to look forward to when you get achieve your weight loss goal, or PR during a race. There's nothing better than feeling a sense of accomplishment after achieving a goal. You deserve it!

 Reward Yourself!
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10.  Switch out the tunes!  Who wants to listen to the same old music day in and day out. Keep your workouts exciting and rotate your playlist, it makes a huge difference!

So I hope some of these tips help you or remind you that it's the little things that you do every single day that will make a huge difference in your future. Keep up the good work, and feel free to message me if you need some motivation, accountability, or a butt-kicking! =)

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