Tuesday, July 15, 2014

LIVE Insanity Workout - Pensacola, FL

Tonight I attended my brother Fermin Banawa's LIVE Insanity Class at Omni Fitness in Pensacola, FL. This was my 3rd class with my brother, and as always, he kicks my ass every single time! =) My brother Fermin is a Diamond Beachbody Coach, as well as part of the Insanity Certified Pro Team, and he really brings on the energy! If you are ever in the Pensacola area, I highly recommend that you check out his very up-beat Insanity Classes, I promise you that it will be a butt-kicker! He also hosts FREE group workouts at  Pensacola Fit Club with his wife Jasmine Banawa, who is also an Insanity Certified Instructor and Beachbody Coach. Keep checking the workout schedule for Pensacola Fit Club, as Coach Jasmine will be hosting some LIVE PIYO classes very soon!

Here is the LIVE Insanity Workout that I survived =) - (Round 5 Workout Class)

Warm Up: (30 sec. each exercise, 3X)
- Jog
- Mummy Kicks
- Football Sprints
- Over the River Hops
- Power Squats
- Butt Kicks

Mummy Kicks
Live Insanity Round 5 Mummy Kicks

Power Squats
Live Insanity Round 5 Power Squats

Football Sprints
Live Insanity Class Pensacola

Dynamic Stretch Time!

High Lunge/Lift and Lower Heal (1 of 5 stretch exercises)

Block 1: (30 sec. each exercise, 3X)
This block focuses on endurance and plyometrics.
- Vertical Jumps
- Power Lunges
- Scissor Jumps
- X Jumps
- Recovery
*Power Move - Hi Hook/Lo Hook/Power Jumps  (1 min. after last round of block 1)

Vertical Jumps

Power Lunges

Scissor Jumps

Hi Hook/Lo Hook/Power Jumps (Power Move)

Block 2: (30 sec. each exercise, 3X)
This block focuses on strength and balance.
- Plank Shoulder Tap
- Push Ups/In and Out Abs
- Squats
- Plank Punches
- Recovery
*Power Move - Side Push Ups (1 min. after last round of block 2)

Push Ups/In and Out Abs
Live Insanity Class Pensacola

Farting around when we're supposed to do SQUATS =)
Live Insanity Class Omni Fitness Pensacola

Plank Punches
Live Insanity Workout Plank Punches

Block 3: (30 sec. each exercise, 3X)
This block focuses on agility and coordination.
- Log Jump
- Kick Step Back Right
- Rotational Jumps
- Kick Step Back Left
- Recovery
*Power Move - Full Body Drill (1 min. after last round of block 3)

Kick Step Back Right
Live Insanity Round 5 - Kick Back Step Right

Rotational Jumps (This was BRUTAL)
Live Insanity Workout - Rotational Jumps

Rotational Jumps (Dayum LOL)
Power Move - Full Body Drills (above)

Abs and Core: (what I hate the most, but what I need the most)
1 minute each exercise!!!!!!!!!! Shaun T said that I can punch his face, just as long as I keep my core tight =)

- Belt Kicks
- Slow Tuck Jumps
- Slow High/Knee Twists
- Hammer Kicks
- Low Plank Hop
- Core Abduction
- C Sit Hold, Feet Lifted
- Hi Plank Tuck/Lo Plank Tuck

 Get Insanity Certified!

 Slow Tuck Jumps
Insanity Slow Tuck Jumps

Hammer Kicks
Insanity Hammer Kicks

C Sit Hold - "Ok really, as if my body was meant for this" =)

Cool Down Stretch!!! Yes, I'll take that stretcher please, thanks so much! =)

Best part of the workout! =) 

So there you have it! Insanity never gets easier, you just get better =)  The key to Insanity is to go at your own pace, breathe, take your breaks, and never give up!  Need MOTIVATION? I have Online Insanity Challenge Groups forming now! Message me and let's get the party started!

LIVE Insanity Workout - Omni Fitness, Pensacola FL.

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