Saturday, July 5, 2014

Insanity Asylum V2, X Trainer - World Cup Inspired Workout

It's the World Cup! And so while the best of the best in FUTBOL are killing it on the field, I felt like it would be fitting to do some athletic training at home while watching them battle it out! I decided to do Insanity Asylum X-Trainer which is part of the Volume 2 Elite Athlete Training Series.

I'm going to be honest, after watching a little bit of the World Cup recently, I think I may have to incorporate a game of soccer into my weekly workout routine, those guys are some amazing athletes! So without further ado, let's dig into my WOD:

As always, Shaun T has to kill us with a warm up that seems like it's just as beastly as the actual workout!

Warm up included:
- Agility X-Trainer Part 1
- Hop Kicks (jump rope)
- U Agility Hops
- Hop Kick Swing Jumps (jump rope)
- Agility T-180
- Plank Heisman Agility
- Hop Heisman Agility

Insanity Asylum Volume 2

Hop Heisman Agility
Time for a little stretch, this is where I finally catch my breath and I am able to say a few words to Shaun T for telling me that it was just a warm up! =)

Asylum Volume 2 Stretch

Then the workout begins! I'm just glad that I took my E&E yo! =) The main workout consisted of 5 rounds. I'm like, "man this is going to be fun!"

Hop Squat Agility
Hop Squat Agility
First Round:
- Agility X-Trainer Part 1
- Hop Squat Agility (above)
- Jack Press
- Moving Matrix Push Ups (check out my beautiful face below as I am trying to be so graceful)

Moving Matrix Push Ups
Moving Matrix Push Ups

Then comes the second round, as if I am ready, but I went for it, and killed it to my knowledge =)

Second Round:
- Agility X-Trainer Part 2
- Pyramid Weights
- Agility Counter Attack
- Leaping Push Ups

Pyramid Weights
Asylum Pyramid Weights

Leaping Push Ups
Insanity Asylum Leaping Push Ups
By the third round, I am totally in the game, sweat flying around, and pretending that I am on the field scoring goals at the World Cup!

Third Round:
- Agility Crossword Puzzle
- Hop Heisman Ladder Agility
- In and Out Ab Agility

In and Out Ab Agility
In and Out Ab Agility

During the fourth round, I'm like wishing I was doing Focus T25 lol! =) All I can think of now is, I just want to survive, then I suck it up and get my skin back in the game!

Fourth Round:
- Agility X-Trainer Part 3
- Single Arm Assisted Push Up (left) "ok, these really suck!" =)
- Mountain Climber Abs
- Single Arm Assisted Push Up (right)
- Squat Jump Single Leg Press

Mountain Climber Abs
Mountain Climber Abs

Squat Jump Single Leg Press
Squat Jump Single Leg Press

Finally, I'm in the last round, the crowd goes wild, and then I realize that I'm the only one in the room! Let me tell you something, it's all about doing your best "being your best", even when no one is watching you, remember that people!!

Fifth Round:
- Agility X-Trainer Part 4
- Agility Ladder Jumps

Agility Ladder Jumps
Agility Ladder Jumps

Cool Down Stretch

Cool Down Stretch

Insanity Asylum (V1+V2) are my favorite workouts! They kick my butt every single time. It will never get easy because you will always get better! So that was my World Cup INSPIRED workout, I'll see you guys soon!

Coach Arnel Banawa

If Asylum is good enough for Hope Solo, then it's good enough for me - Watch Video!

It's time to become ELITE! Insanity Asylum Volume 2 is CUH-RAZY!

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