Saturday, July 12, 2014

P90X - Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X

Today I decided to do some P90X - just straight up lifting because I got my butt handed to me last night with my Insanity Max Interval Circuit workout, I totally forgot how long that workout was (59 minutes!).

Tomorrow I will be leaving Tampa and won't be back again until sometime in August, so I had to make sure to get another workout in at Powerhouse Gym in downtown Tampa, which in my opinion, is the BEST gym ever! I ended up doing P90X Shoulders and Arms along with ARX (Ab Ripper X), one of my favorite workouts within the P90X Classic program. I remember doing P90X for the first time back in September of 2010, and it is still a BEAST workout, just like it was back then! Maybe that's why I am so addicted to this extreme program, because it continues to challenge me in more way then one.

So without further ado, let's get into the workout!

As always, make sure that you get your WARM UP in, if you are at the gym, you can get on the treadmill and do a light job, and some nice ballistic stretches just to get the body ready. The workout consists of 5 rounds of 3 exercises (3 exercises performed 2X).

First Round:
- Alternating Shoulder Press
- In and Out Bicep Curls
- Two-Arm Tricep Kickbacks

Alternating Shoulder Press
P90X Alternating Shoulder Press

In and Out Bicep Curls
P90X In and Out Bicep Curls

Two Arm Tricep Kick Backs
P90X Two Arm Tricep Kick Backs

Second Round:
- Deep Swimmer Presses
- Full Supination Concentration Curls
- Chair Dips

Deep Swimmer Press
P90X Deep Swimmers Press

Full Supination Concentration Curls
P90X Full Supination Concentration Curls

Dips on Plyo Box
P90X Chair Dips

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Third Round:
- Upright Rows
- Static Arm Curls
- Flip Grip Twist Tricep Kick Backs

Upright Rows
P90X Upright Rows

Fourth Round:
- Seated Two Angle Shoulder Flys
- Crouching Cohen Curls
- Lying Down Tricep Extensions

Seated Two Angle Shoulder Flys (on stability ball)
P90X seated Two Angle Shoulder Flys

Crouching Cohen Curls
P90X Crouching Cohen Curls

Tricep Extensions on Stability Ball
P90X Tricep Extensions

Fifth Round: (Bonus Round)
- In and Out Straight Arm Shoulder Flys
- Congdon Curls
- Side Tri Rise

In and Out Straight Arm Shoulder Flys
P90X In and Out Straight Arm Shoulder Flys

Side Tri Rise
P90X Side Tri Rise

Right after my P90X Shoulders and Arms workout, I went straight into Ab Ripper X! As always, ARX always kicks my butt, I think my abs started cramping up LOL, at any rate, I finished strong!

Seated Crunchy Frog (ARX)
P90X Seated Crunchy Frog

I finished off with a quick cool down on a Spin Bike and cycled for about 10 minutes, and that was it, DONE! =) It's SHAKEOLOGY TIME!

If you are ever in the Tampa area, make sure that you make a point and visit the Powerhouse Gym Downtown, you will not be disappointed, I promise!  Until then, join me for one of my upcoming Online P90X Challenge Groups. I have challenges beginning every Monday! For a FREE Fitness Assessment - click here now!

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