Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders and X3 Ab Ripper

So this blog post was from yesterday's workout. It was a late one, and I started falling asleep while I was uploading the photos to my blog, so I am day late and a dollar short! =). Whatcha gonna do right? =)

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders was a great workout, and being that I love working out my shoulders, it made the workout pretty fun. Now as you know, the only way that you can get the best results physically, is when you are working on the exercises that you are not good at, you know, the ones you say "I really suck at those", and I will be the first one to tell you that I am terrible at yoga, stretching, and core workouts, such as abs and back core. So to balance my workout last night, I decided to end my Body Beast workout with P90X3 Ab Ripper, and don't laugh when I tell you this, but I was crying during the workout because it royally kicked by butt so bad! Remember this, if you want the best results, and you want to see big physical changes in your body, you have to be willing to do things that you don't like doing. You have to do the exercises that you are not good at, and more importantly, you have to change what you are feeding your body. Once you do that, trust me when I say this, you will not want to look back! And it won't just be about the physical changes that you are making, it will also impact your mind. It's not about a 90 day program, it's a LIFESTYLE!

So let's get it on!


When doing a Body Beast Workout, you will go from one exercise to the next, then repeat until all reps are complete before going into the next set (round). For example, you will do a Lateral Raise for 15 reps, then go to the Arnold Press for 15 reps. After that you repeat the Lateral Raise for 12 reps and so on. 

- Lateral Raise, 15/12/8/
- Arnold Press, 15/12/8/8 (drop set)

 Arnold Press
Body Beast Arnold Press

Arnold Press
Body Beast Arnold Press

Lateral Raise
Body Beast Lateral Raise

- Upright Row, 15/12/8/8/12/15 (reps)

Suggestion:  Pick a weight that you can do for the whole set, don't get cocky! Cockiness doesn't get results, proper form and completion of the full set does!

Upright Row
Body Beast Upright Row

Upright Row
Body Beast Upright Row

- Alt. Front Raise, 15/12/8
- Plate Twist-Twist, 10/10/10

If you've never done this workout before, you will be surprised what you can accomplish with light weights! Bulking is not all about heavy weight, so get over it! =)

Alt. Front Lateral Raise
Body Beast Alt. Lateral Raise

Plate Twist-Twist
Body Beast Plate Twist Twist

- Reverse Fly, 15/12/8/8/12/15

- Superman Stretch, 10/10
- Plank Twist-Twist, 30 sec/30 sec

Now it's time for P90X3 Ab Ripper! Holy Shitake Mushrooms!! =) I was glad to know that this abs/core workout was not 30 minutes like the rest of the X3 workouts, and now I know why! It's murderous =)

Tin Man Windmill
Body Beast Tin Man Windmill

Tin Man Windmill
Body Beast Tin Man Windmill

C-Y Reach

P90X3 C-Y Reach

Sphinx Crunch Hold

P90X3 Sphinx Hold

X3 Ab Ripper Movement List: (15 minutes)
- Tin Man Windmill
- Dolphin Hops (talking about what I really suck at lol)
- C Y Reach
- Sphinx Crunch Hold
- 5 Way Abrinome
- Hip Drop Twist: Right
- Hip Drop Twist: Left
- Bridge Burners
- Speed Bike
- Burnout


And that's it guys! That was my BEAST Shoulders and Abs workout in less than an hour! Wanna workout with me? Check out my Free Online Fit Club, click here! I also do one on one workouts in my Online Challenge Groups, message me! =)

It's time to MAN UP, and HULK UP!

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