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From Night Life to Fit Life

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 From Night Life to Fit Life

One day I was running 813 Fit Club in downtown Tampa FL, and I had some old friends visit me. These were buddies of mine that I used to hang out with before I got involved in the health and fitness world. My life was completely different just a little over 4 years ago. Most of my friends now would not even recognize me. I wore $300 pair of jeans, $100 T-Shirts, $80 Ball Caps, drank $20 drinks all night and my Range Rover was always packed with party girls. I was in the night life business! Most people think that what I did was a "dream job", and honestly, it was fun, I had a blast, met a lot of people, but I wasn't truly happy. I also didn't feel that it was the right business for me since I had a daughter who was growing older and needed someone to look up to. I'm not saying that the night life business is not a good business to be a part of, I'm just saying that the path that I was going wasn't going to be a good one. It seemed like I was never satisfied, and in order for me to be happy, I drank more, partied more, and spent more money (that I really didn't have). My typical day was spent looking for different venues to throw parties, having meetings with my side kicks who helped promote my events, and drinking with club owners in the afternoon to early evening, then having to be back at the clubs to host an event which I was already hung over before the event even started. I was great at what I did, and worked with top industry leaders in the business, but as my story unfolds, it was something that I did to past the time, to disguise my find my true calling.

 My Entourage - Downtown Tampa FL
Beachbody Coach

One night I was hosting a party, and something happened that just made me start to wonder about my life. I began to think about the things that I've done in the past which led me to this point in my life. I wanted out! I made a decision to leave the industry and do something different. The transition was difficult. I had to find odd jobs to make ends meet. I hid from my old friends because I did not want them to see me going through my struggles, but I knew that this is what I wanted to do. As I was still trying to find out what my game plan was going to be, I decided to start this silly workout program called P90X that my brother gave me. It was just sitting on my shelf like it does for most people, and it was no different for me. I knew that it was an extreme program, and that is one reason why I waited so long to commit to it.

Good times with great people! 
Tampa Night Life

I finally started P90X in the month of September 2010. At the time, I was living with a roommate, and was still transitioning to get out of the night life industry. I told all my friends what I was doing, and some of them laughed at me, and told me that I would never finish it, or would never make it. These were the people that I thought were my friends. I bought them bottle service at night clubs, paid for their dinners and a lot more, that's the type of person that I was, I loved entertaining people, but I will soon find out that what I really loved doing was "helping people", and I just had to find a way to do it with passion!

 Most of these people are still GREAT friends of mine =)
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I completed P90X three months later, and I was in better shape than when I was in high school! I was like "is this even possible!". By that time, some of my friends who made fun of me started to want me to coach them, and that's when I decided to commit to becoming a Beachbody Coach and help people through the struggles that I went through. Beachbody Coaching was tough in the very beginning because finding the time to do it was a challenge. I was working 3 jobs, and was at the tail end of my departure from the night life business. I also had my daughter to take care of. My daughter was the reason why I wanted to make big changes in my life in the first place. If I was to keep doing what I was doing in the past, I don't think that I would be alive to see her grow up to live her life, and that scared the crap out of me! That was enough motivation for me to take Beachbody Coaching to the next level and start treating it like a business instead of a hobby. Having no time was no longer and excuse, it was my drive!

My old hang out in South Tampa, FL
Beachbody Coach Transformation

My Coach Lindsay invited me to an event in Orlando, it was similar to what the Beachbody Super Saturday events are today, which is a quarterly event to help coaches stay informed on the latest products and services offered by the company, as well as get some great training and motivation. Well that event opened up my eyes to really see the potential of what Beachbody Coaching could really do for my future. Ninety days after that event, I became a Diamond Coach which is the first rank which marks you as someone who is a true business-builder. Reaching the Diamond Coach rank opens doors to more ways to earn income while helping others reach their goals. This excited me because it wasn't a traditional business, it wasn't a JOB, it was something that paid me for my performance!

My friends (family) who have been there for me through my transition =) 
Beachbody Coach Transformation

Now I'm not going to tell you that living the Fit Life as a Beachbody Coach is easy, it's isn't, but I truly love helping people! I am passionate about health and fitness, and honestly...I would be doing this anyways, so it just makes sense to live the fit life with a company who compensates you for it. I know what you're saying, "you have to be a good salesman to be in that business", that is false assumption. I am by no means a salesman! What I am is a product of the product. The workouts and the Shakeology nutrition helped me get from the out of shape, miserable person that I this new guy with a lot of energy. I have accomplished more in my 40's than I've ever done in my high school and college years. I still surprise myself sometimes when I participate in an obstacle course race such as a Spartan Race, and place TOP 3 in my Age Group beating out hundreds of guys 20 years younger. It baffles me to see what I can do! So me as a salesman? Nope, that's not me. I just share what P90X and Shakeology has done for me, and help people understand what it could do for them if they are ready to make a commitment.

My First P90X Transformation Video

It took me a little over 2 years to fire three of my jobs and become a Full Time Beachbody Coach! I think that most people would agree that working hard for 2-5 years and becoming independently wealthy is a lot better than working for 20 - 40 years of your life for someone else! I went through plenty of tough times building a coaching business, and I still do! That is life. There will always be obstacles that will try to stop you from becoming successful, but it's you who controls your destiny, not an obstacle, not someone that tells you that you can't make it, not your negative spouse or family........YOU!

On stage for Star Diamond Coach Recognition - Coach Summit LV
Coach Summit Las Vegas

So my friends came to my Fit Club in downtown Tampa and they said, "hey Arnel, we just wanted to say HI, and congratulate you on your success, you have inspired us, and we just wanted to thank you personally". =) They ended up doing the workout that night, and started talking to the other members about how they know me, and my fit club members were just amazed and couldn't believe that I was once this night life guru. Those are the things that make me really appreciate what I do as a Beachbody Coach. Everyone has a story to tell, and my story is no different. I am just an ordinary guy who wanted an extraordinary life for my daughter. When you finally find your "WHY", your purpose in life, you will know what to do, and I look forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world, or maybe even under a tent in Nepal.

From Night Life to my New Fit Life
Become a Beachbody Coach

Well, that's my story from my infamous night life to living the Fit Life. I hope that you find your greatness within, and if you ever need someone to help you, feel free to message me, because that's what Coaches do, we change lives.

 Coach Arnel

My daughter!  
She is the reason why I continue to live my BEST life now!
Beachbody Coach

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