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3 Day Refresh - Day Two

3 Day Refresh Day Two
 3 Day Refresh - Day Two

I SURVIVED the first day of the 3 Day Refresh and made it to the second day! =)  If you missed my DAY ONE post, you can click here to check out my blog from the first day.

Today was a little more of a challenge because I was not at home for lunch and dinner, but I managed quite well, and packed my meals to go! It is definitely much easier to do the 3 Day Refresh Program on your off days, like the weekends, or the days when you are not at work, or traveling. I know that some of you may not have the convenience of doing this program from home, so I would suggest investing in a Six Pack Bag, they are like the "Rolls Royce" of meal management systems!

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Day two begins with my 10 oz of filtered water as soon as I get my butt up! This is a very important step to get your system going, don't skip it! Of course I went straight to my computer, and then drank my water =).

3 Day Refresh Drink Water

Just like yesterday, for BREAKFAST I drank my Shakeology within an hour of waking up. This time I had Chocolate Shakeology (with 10 oz filtered water) blended with ice. I chose to eat the fruit option a la carte instead of adding it into my Shakeo, and I chose to have a serving of fresh diced cantaloupe, it was yummy! =)

My Diced Cantaloupe Video - Watch it!

Chocolate Shakeology and Diced Cantaloupe

A little over an hour and it was time for my morning tea (optional). I had some Organic Green Tea like I had yesterday, and again, no sweetener used. (Stevia sweetener is allowed)

3 Day Refresh Organic Green Tea

About an hour after my morning tea, my mother reminded me that we were going to church in a few, so that's when I took my Fiber Sweep, which is the digestive health drink included in the 3 Day Refresh Kit. I chugged it down, and started to get ready for church.

I also had to pack my lunch meal because my mother had to do something after church, and I didn't want to starve to death. You don't want to see me when I am not able to eat, it's not a very pretty sight  =) ha ha

Fiber Sweep
3 Day Refresh Fiber Sweep

Getting my FIBER on! =)

2 hours later, I joined my mother and her friend after church at a Chinese Restaurant for lunch, but don't worry, remember I brought my lunch =), so while they were eating their chinese food, I was eating my lunch which was very easy to pack in a small cooler tote. My lunch consisted of my Vanilla Fresh Shake (shaken with 10 oz of filtered water), small banana, and a serving of celery sticks accompanied with 2 TBSP of hummus. You can see the photo of the Chinese Buffet that I did not take any part of =).

Vanilla Fresh Shake (High Plant Protein Shake), Banana, Celery Sticks, Hummus
3 Day Refresh Vanilla Fresh Shake

A little over an hour later at home, it was time for my afternoon snack! If you know me, there is one thing that I love doing, and that is EATING! So when the program says it's time to eat again, I'm like "I'm game!" What I like about this detox program is that I don't ever feel like I'm starving. If you go into this program thinking that you are going to eat like you normally do, instead of understanding that this is a detox/cleanse system, then you will probably hate it. Get your mind right, prepare yourself, and you'll be just fine! It's only 3 days =)

So anyways, for my afternoon snack, I steamed up some kale, and sliced some avocado to make sure to get some healthy fats in. The kale was seasoned with some Himalayan Pink Salt. Don't forget to keep drinking water. The goal is one gallon of water per day!

Steamed Kale
3 Day Refresh Steamed Kale

Sliced Avocado
3 Day Refresh

Steamed Kale seasoned with Pink Himalayan Salt
3 Day Refresh

This went pretty quick!
Steamed Kale

One serving of Avocado (half)
Sliced Avocado

Moving right along, another hour passes, and it's time for afternoon tea (optional). I again had my Organic Green Tea.

Shortly after my afternoon tea (30 min), I decided to do my workout of the day which was just a simple Insanity Asylum Relief Stretch workout. FYI, you do not have to exercise during the 3 Day Refresh, I just choose too, but I don't recommend doing any extreme-type of workouts.

Insanity Asylum Relief Stretch
Insanity Asylum Relief

Insanity Asylum Relief

Insanity Asylum Relief

Insanity Asylum Relief

Insanity Asylum Relief

Insanity Asylum Relief

Insanity Asylum Relief

I managed to break a little sweat during my stretch workout which was about 20 minutes. About an hour and a half after my workout, my brother swings by to pick me up to attend a church dinner. I'll have you know that this dinner is hosted by a Filipino Church group, and there will be a lot of filipino food there that is definitely NOT part of the 3 Day Refresh Program =), but again....I remain focused and committed to the program and make sure that I pack my dinner in a small cooler, and meet up with my parents at the church event.

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My dinner consisted of my Vanilla Fresh Shake (with 10 oz of filtered water, no fruit added), Steamed Asparagus drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Slivered Almonds, and a cup of Organic Vegetable Broth with parsley.

Vanilla Fresh, Steamed Asparagus, Organic Vegetable Broth
3 Day Refresh Dinner

If you look at the photo above, you can see a little bit of filipino food that was at the table. Although it all smelled really good, and trust me, it was very tempting, I didn't give in, and I stayed committed to my 3 Day Refresh =). I've got GOALS people! Don't you??

Ok, I might have gone a little overboard with the almonds here =)
Steamed Asparagus

Group photo of my family and friends after Church Event
Beachbody Coach Team
Oh, and guess what, we're all Beachbody Coaches =) #Fitfam

Back at home after dinner, my brother Fermin and his wife Jasmine hung out and had some evening tea (Organic Green Tea) with me to finish the night off strong. We had a few laughs as you can see =) There is nothing better than family time!

Tomorrow is my last day of the 3 Day Refresh, so I'll see you then!

I burnt my lip really bad, and I guess that was hilarious =)

Eat Healthy - Be Happy - Live Life!

3 Day Refresh - Day Three

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