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Y Get Dirty Mud Run - Foley, Alabama (2015)

Y Get Dirty Mud Run Foley Alabama - Snook Family YMCA Mud Run - Y Campaign
Y Get Dirty Mud Run - Foley, Alabama  (March 21st, 2015)

Where I am from in Tampa, Florida, there are a lot of mud runs and obstacle course races to participate in. Almost every weekend there is an event that you could run, it's almost like there is no OFF SEASON! It's a little different around Northwest Florida and the Panhandle area. But one day I was hanging out with my brother in Pensacola (my hometown) and I asked him if there were any events coming up, and he told me about the Y Get Dirty Mud Run. The "Y" stands for the YMCA.

Watch the Full Race Video below!

I originally had plans to attend an event in Central Florida, but was not able to make it, and so without any other plans for the weekend, I decided to make a point to check out the Y Get Dirty Mud Run and see what it was all about. I normally try to either run or film an Obstacle Course Race event every weekend if I can when I am not spending time with my family, daughter, or traveling somewhere around the world.

I woke up around 6:30am and started getting my GoPro equipment ready. From Pensacola, it's takes about 45 minutes to Foley, Alabama where the Y Get Dirty Mud Run is located, so it was pretty close. I arrived around 7:45am at the Graham Creek Nature Preserve in Foley, and the property looked untouched and clean =), at least for now it would be.

The event was organized by the Snook Family YMCA and the proceeds benefited the Y Campaign for Youth and Families. From the moment I introduced my self to the race director/organizer, I believe her name was Mykala, I had a very good first impression of the YMCA team, and the people who were running it. Even the volunteers were very helpful.

It was probably the smallest mud run that I've ever attended. There were only two waves. One elite wave at 9:00am which was 4.5 miles, and a Fun Run 5K at 9:30am. There were no chip timers, so they were pretty old school and used a timer at the finish line and gave out placement cards as the runners flew in through the finish line, and trust me, there were some really fast runners. Top Runners and Top Teams were awarded prizes which were nice little baskets of all kinds of things. I didn't see what were in them, but all I can say is that it must have been put together by a girl because it looked all pretty =)

I ran and filmed with the first elite wave, and went back and took as much footage as I could from the Fun Run as well. I ran about 8+ miles that day, but I loved every minute of it. This is one of the reasons why I love what I do because I can run and get some exercise, and also motivate and coach people while they are racing. It's something natural for me as a Beachbody Coach, so I enjoy doing this at the events.

Y Get Dirty Mud Run Foley Alabama - Snook Family YMCA Mud Run - Y Campaign

A lot of people ask me why I film and attend races almost every weekend, and how I can afford to do it. Not to turn this into a book or anything =), but I started which is a network portal for OCR (obstacle course racing) athletes to meet and network with each other, it's also a website for me to showcase my racing videos. The mission for is to help the sport of obstacle course racing grow worldwide. I tend to to focus on more race motivation versus news and drama. I really don't care about what goes on with anyone's business, my focus is to get people off the couch and start living the active lifestyle, and that's what I focus on with my project, as well as my Beachbody Coaching business, which is my full time gig. I am currently a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, and help people with all fitness levels from weight loss goals to becoming a better athlete.

So without further ado, here is the video that I made from the Y Get Dirty Mud Run in Foley, Alabama. I had an absolute blast, and I definitely plan on coming back one day!

Y Get Dirty Mud Run - Foley, Alabama 2015 (Full Race with Elite and Fun Run)

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