Monday, May 18, 2015

BattleFrog ATLANTA - 2015 | Full Race VIDEO RECAP

BattleFrog Series Atlanta 2015 - Conyers, GA
BattleFrog Series Atlanta - 2015

I am really enjoying the BattleFrog Series events because they are very well-organized, the people and the staff are courteous and seem very passionate about what they do. On top of that, the obstacles are high quality, meaning that they have spent some considerable time on them, unlike other events where the obstacles seem unsafe, and just put up to make some quick money. The one thing that I really look for is how a company treats and manages their employees and volunteers. I don't think that there was one obstacle that I went through without a volunteer trying to push and motivate my team and myself. This is what people will remember, a lot more than the obstacles, people will remember how they were treated, and how much you care. I overheard one of the BF staff members talking to a couple volunteers, and this is what he said to them:

"You have to remember that these racers are being challenged, they are tired, and maybe on the verge of quitting. We cannot let that happen, we have to motivate them, push them past their comfort zones, and help them find out what they are about"

I really liked that, and I will always remember the BattleFrog Series in that way.

The Elite and Masters Wave Start Line
BattleFrog Atlanta 2015 - Conyers Georgia

The BattleFrog Atlanta event was hosted at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA. I was very familiar with this location as this is where I did one of my coldest races in my career, the Georgia Spartan Sprint. The layout for the BattleFrog was totally different which I really liked, but there seemed to be a lack of hills this time, but the back to back obstacles definitely made up for it. I really enjoy fast courses, and this event had some good trail runs.

If you haven't signed up for a BattleFrog Event, I encourage you to make a point to do so. They have courses for every fitness level including children and even a place for the extreme endurance athlete. I think there were a couple people who did 6 laps around the main course which totaled to about 32 to 34 miles, and that's with some extreme obstacles, pretty impressive if you ask me. My team "Team Dynasty OCR" did 3 laps and earned their BattleFrog Extreme Medal, it was amazing to be there and witness their struggles and their triumphs. That is what our team is all about anyways, it's not about just one person, it's about TEAM.

Team Dynasty OCR
BattleFrog Series Atlanta 2015 - Conyers, GA

So anyways, I made a quick 5 minute video of the event, so feel free to watch and share so hopefully we can get more people off the couch and start getting active, because that's what we were all meant to do with our lives. We're all naturally primal, so get out there and be yourself, push your limits, see what you're made of, and most importantly, have fun!!!

BattleFrog Series Atlanta - 2015

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