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How To Be A Successful Filipino Beachbody Coach

Filipino Beachbody Coach - Beachbody Coach Success
Success as a Filipino Beachbody Coach

For the record, I am a Full Time Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, and also a PROUD Filipino-American. I decided to create a blog post about this to help other Filipino-Americans understand that it is very possible to become successful as a Beachbody Coach, as well as an ENTREPRENEUR.

I have been a Beachbody Coach since late 2010, and when I started, there were not very many filipinos pursuing the goal of becoming a Beachbody Coach. Even to this day, you do not see very many Filipinos on the recognition stage at the Beachbody Coach events. My question that I always ask myself is WHY? Filipinos are one of the most hard-working, loyal, and committed people on the planet, so why aren't there very many filipinos flocking to the opportunity? Since my success with P90X in late 2010, I have been contacted by hundreds of filipinos from all over the world about getting in shape. One of the questions that I always get is "Can I still get good results while still eating filipino food?" Yes, there is a huge difference in the food culture with the filipino community, but just like anything, it's all about wanting to change some things in your life, to change some things in your life, and sometimes it means having to do things differently from what you're accustomed too.

Filipino Beachbody Coach - Beachbody Coach Success

There are many reasons why I believe that you cannot find very many filipinos striving for success as a Beachbody Coach, or an entrepreneur for that matter, and I will share some of them with you below, but I will mainly focus on ways that filipinos can be successful in this fast-growing industry. Before I begin, I would like to say that I love my filipino culture, and this post does not represent all filipinos. I know that there are many filipinos who are moving up the ranks in the Beachbody Coaching Business, but it would definitely be nice to see more. Also, for the record, I do not support and promote racism, and although this post is about success as a filipino Beachbody Coach, anyone can use and customize this information to succeed as a Beachbody Coach whether they are filipino or not. Beachbody Coaching is for everyone!

Here are some ways to become a SUCCESSFUL Filipino Beachbody Coach:

WHITE RICE - Get rid of it! Now this might seem pretty intense, but the truth hurts. It's no secret that if you want good results (you know like abs), it is best to get your CARBS from whole grains. Trust me, it was very tough for me to switch from white rice to brown rice, but my goal was bigger than my craving for eating white rice. You don't have to quit cold turkey, try eating it in moderation first, then slowly make the switch to brown rice. Once you have achieved your health and fitness goal, you can simply eat it as a cheat meal every now and again. This goes for a lot of filipino foods that are not very healthy. In order to become successful as a Beachbody Coach, it starts with you, making yourself better and healthier. Just because you do not eat white rice everyday doesn't mean you're a filipino sell out, it means that you care about your health, your life, and your family, so don't let anyone tell you differently. I've seen way too many filipinos live short lives because of chronic illnesses that could have been prevented by eating healthier foods. Make good food choices, be open to Beachbody Fitness and Nutrition, and share it with the community, you can make a difference!

Drinking my Shakeology before attending a Beachbody Event - Las Vegas
Filipino Beachbody Coach - Beachbody Coach Success

NOT ALL SUCCESSFUL FILIPINOS ARE DOCTORS - Growing up in a filipino household and attending a lot of filipino events, there was always people talking about how successful this filipino doctor was, and how rich they were as a medical professional. Almost every single time, I would hear someone brag about how rich their doctor friend was. I mean, I get it already. These people have worked hard for what they have, but what about the other successful people? What about the restaurant owners, the financial gurus, the self-made people, and franchise owners? Why weren't they getting any credit? I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My grand parents owned small retail shacks and restaurants. My father ended up owning a number of restaurants, and even a very successful catering and concession business in Florida. I grew up wanting to be in business for myself. The idea of working for someone just DID NOT interest me one bit, and I knew at an early age that it wasn't for me. So yes, I get it. Not a lot of filipinos grew up in households with entrepreneur minds, but that doesn't mean that you cannot be one. Beachbody Coaching teaches you how to become an entrepreneur, and how to make it on your own. Most filipinos have the mind set of working for other people all of their working lives, it's how they were raised. But I want to tell you that filipinos come from a very hard-working culture, so why not work hard for yourself? All it takes is a decision, because you already know what hard work and dedication is all about. So take that hardcore work ethic, and go in business for yourself, it will be a lot more rewarding! There are many medical professionals who have retired and have gone on to make Beachbody Coaching their full time gig. Isn't is cool to be able to help people as a medical professional as a hobby versus a career? Doctors volunteer their services and help people all over the world. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, or whatever.... Beachbody Coaching can allow you the freedom of doing your passion when you want, where you want, and most importantly, on your own terms. Now that's freedom!

INFLUENTIAL -  We all come from a culture where we are easily influenced by media, and other things such as your job, friends and family. I think it's ok to be influenced, if what is influencing you is positive and can better your life. I think that this is always a challenge by not just filipinos, but for everyone. I remember growing up and hearing conversations like: go to school, get good grades, go to college, and get a good job! "Everyone is doing it!" Now I'm definitely not knocking education, in fact, I highly encourage it! But instead of going for a good job, why not start a business? Don't wait after 20-40 years to find out that all that time you were making your boss rich and paying for his/her family vacations, when you could've been building a strong financial future for you and your family. Beachbody Coaching teaches you how to build a business part-time while you are working full time at your job, and in 2 to 5 years, you will eventually be able to enjoy a 6-7 figure residual to help you live the rest of your life, the best of your life! It doesn't have to take 20-40 years to retire if you play your cards right. Be careful who you are influenced by, if it doesn't benefit you and your family in a positive way, then most likely you are wasting your time, and nobody has time for that! =)

Run your Beachbody Coaching Business from anywhere! 
Filipino Beachbody Coach - Beachbody Coach Success

CULTURE - I can't give up white rice, working out is a western thing, I can't speak good english, I don't have a big network, I don't have a lot of friends, my job is a workout so I don't need to workout.....I've heard all the excuses in the book. Just like anyone else, filipinos will also make excuses why they don't have any money and time to live a healthier lifestyle, and even become a Beachbody Coach. Listen, it's not a culture thing, a money thing, or a time thing, it's your life that we're talking about here. Rather than making excuses about not having enough time to workout, or not having the skills on how to become a better version of yourself financially, maybe try focusing on what is the most important thing in your life, and start making things happen. I used to make a lot of excuses, and I hid behind them all the time, because it was the easy way out. You may think that you have to work harder as a minority, but that should even be more motivation to become successful, to fight for you and what you believe in, and to show the community that yes, filipinos can also be successful as a Beachbody Coach. Now I'm not saying that Beachbody Coaching can be the solution to your health and wealth problems, I'm saying that it is, and I am proof of that. =) If you want a better life, I encourage you to refrain from making any culture excuses, just start making things happen. If you need help, I am here for you!

Working out in Baclaran, Philippines
Filipino Beachbody Coach - Beachbody Coach Success

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