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4 Types of Fitness Lifestyles

4 Types of Fitness Lifestyles - Fitness Entrepreneur - Active Lifestyles - Become a Beachbody Coach
From Extreme to Weekend Warriors

I'm sure that you've heard athletes, health freaks, coaches, and gym rats say, "It's a lifestyle baby", and it really is. When I decided to make health and fitness a BIG DEAL back in 2010, I did not know that there was actually so many active communities of people and lifestyles to connect with. I was like, where have I been? It was a game changer for me coming from the night life to the fit life.

Through the years, I have met so many amazing fitness-minded people from all over the world, different backgrounds and interests, but what I've noticed is that they all have one thing in common.....and that's staying active in their own way. Of course some of them take it to more extreme measures than others, but a good majority of them all agree that staying active and eating healthy is a lifestyle that can ultimately bring them happiness, freedom, and success.

4 Types of Fitness Lifestyles - Fitness Entrepreneur - Active Lifestyles - Become a Beachbody Coach

Some of these people who are even business savvy, or are willing to learn the ropes of entrepreneurism and online marketing, have found true wealth within their passion for the active lifestyle, and are truly the backbone of the fitness industry. These are the people who willingly pay it forward by helping others learn about what health and fitness can do for them. It's no wonder why this industry continues to grow year after year. With the obesity epidemic growing in all parts of the world, "paying it forward", by helping end the obesity trend is probably the single most powerful, and meaningful thing to be a part of.

Here are 4 types of fitness lifestyles, which one are you?

1.  Extreme - Professional athletes, highly competitive personalities, and people who depend on their lifestyle to put food on the table, or don't care about monetary things, but spend their money only to maintain their extreme active lifestyle. They tend to freak people out about how serious their nutrition is, and typically workout on their own because no one can keep up with them, or maybe are even intimidated by them. These people are on a whole new planet, they have found their true mojo and don't care what people think. They are always looking for the next extreme adventure, new technology in sports science, and new training methods. They tend to have shallow personalities and bad attitudes because sometimes they think their sh%t doesn't stink, but if you look hard enough, you will find plenty of down to earth extreme athletes who are willing to share their secrets, and even have some liquid grains with you. Even though they have the fitness credentials, most extreme athletes are not business savvy which can hurt them in the long run. Those who learn to leverage their credentials with creative business ventures go on to create million dollar empires.

4 Types of Fitness Lifestyles - Fitness Entrepreneur - Active Lifestyles - Become a Beachbody Coach

2.  Competitive - These people come from all walks of life. They can keep up with the extreme athletes, but don't feel it necessary to be so anal about what they do. They love competition, but they also love sharing it with people, and although they still enjoy working out alone, they are open to working out with a group of people too. Nutrition is a big part of their lifestyle, so weekly meal prepping is what a lot of them do. These people enjoy adventure. They are definitely more open-minded then their extreme counterparts. Most of these people have jobs, but are working on creating a multiple source of income to help fuel their active lifestyle. The ones who have built wealth in this category have a huge passion for helping people, and they are big time motivators.

3.  Active - These people are still into group fitness, and some just like the idea of working out alone at home, no gym required. They understand the importance of living the active lifestyle, but haven't really made the accomplishment to do it on their own yet, but some have. They like to enjoy life, and don't take things into the extreme. They are healthy eaters, and most are pretty darn social people. They are open to sharing their journey with people and are great supporters, probably the best, because they also find that when they support others, it also motivates them. They love the group atmosphere because it helps them get more motivated. Believe it or not, these people are mostly the entrepreneurs because they are not just focused on their journey, it's more about sharing and helping others. They are great listeners, and have a huge following because of their dedication to helping others.

4.  Weekend Warriors - These people still love the couch =) But although they are not as active, they are working on it. They know what they need to do, but still haven't found their mojo. Most of them rely on group fitness to keep them motivated, so working out on their own is out of the question. They tend to workout at home with friends and family, but if no one comes over, they won't do it. They lack the mindset, and need guidance. They do occasional 5K races or mud runs to have fun, and they are still trying to learn about nutrition. They have cheat meals more than they should, but they do feel guilty because they know deep down inside that they want to be more healthy and fit, they just need the right motivation, the right people to help them, and the mind set to succeed. They can be very social people, but some are extreme introverts. They are in and out of fitness, but are focused on one day making it a lifestyle. These people would make great entrepreneurs because they are relatable. People relate to struggles and if these Weekend Warriors would just share their struggles with others, they would ultimately get the motivation that they need to succeed both physical and financial. Bottom line is that there is so much potential for the people in this category, they just need to make a decision to make it happen.

So although it is tough to really describe each and every category of fitness lifestyle, this is just a general idea of the types of people I have met along my own fitness journey. Feel free to comment below if you fall into any of these categories, or even help me address anything that you feel I have missed. Some people may even be living a hybrid lifestyle in which they can be a little extreme sometimes, at least I know that I can =).  If you are a Weekend Warrior, let's talk. I would love to help you get more active because I've been there. I can honestly say that the active lifestyle is very rewarding, and all it takes sometimes is surrounding yourself with the right people who are positive, uplifting, and 100% supportive. If you believe that you can do it, trust me, it will happen!

Stay active my friends, and feel free to connect with me on Facebook here!

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