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How Beachbody Coaches are NOT selling you!

How Beachbody Coaches are NOT selling you - Become a Beachbody Coach

Okay, obviously I cannot speak for all Beachbody Coaches, but I can tell you how I operate my coaching business, as well as how my team works.

Before I start talking about how Beachbody Coaches are not trying to sell you, I have to mention to you that most coaches first started out as customers. And through consistency, hard work and dedication, they achieved success both physically, mentally, and financially. It's a lot different than someone who just graduated from college and found a job in sales and marketing. Think about it, most people who are in marketing and sales (or any industry because every company sells something) had to learn about their product or service that they are selling. They did not use the product or service before they starting sharing it with people, they were hired with a company, and slowly began learning how to market their product. Some of these people don't even believe in what they are doing!  If it puts food on their table, they will do what it takes to sell. This is why you see so many people who are depressed and miserable about their current job situation. It's pretty sad if you ask me (I've been there), but the cool thing is that you can change that. It doesn't have to be that way.

I have met so many athletes, specifically in the obstacle course racing arena who endorse certain supplements, and they claim that it has done wonders for them, and that they have been training with these products for "X" amount of years, and it's totally false. A lot of these athletes were already in peak condition way before they started endorsing some of these products, and most of these products weren't even around when they were just starting out. A company simply just offered to sponsor them, gave them free products and all they have to do is help promote the stuff. Is that really being a product of the product? Now that's "salesy" to me. They post promo codes and post all kinds of photos about how great these products are, even when they have only just started using the product. Now I'm not saying that the products are not good, heck I've tried all kinds of supplements from a lot of companies, but I would never say that they changed my life, and that I've been using them for years even though I haven't.

I am a Beachbody Coach because I believe in the products. I would never promote something that I have not done, or believe in. I have graduated from almost every fitness program line that the company offers. I have been drinking Shakeology and working out with Beachbody fitness workouts since 2010, so I know from experience that it works. I share my journey and lifestyle with people because that is how these products have transformed me. I am not getting paid to endorse anything, I am earning a living from simply being a product of the product. And for the record, I am not in THIS THING to make a quick buck (this is not a trend) or to get FREE stuff, it truly is my life. It's my passion.

Here are some examples of what people do everyday because they believe in what they do, and it's totally organic and raw, but they do not earn any income from it. Now I don't want you to think that it's all about money for me, BECAUSE IT ISN'T, but most people would agree that it just makes sense to make a living while doing something that you are passionate about? Is there anything wrong with that? I honestly do not think so. Below are some examples of how people are sharing their passions with others, which is a form of selling (word of mouth marketing) whether they know this or not.

"Oh man, I just finished my first Spartan Race, and it was totally awesome, you have to seriously do one!!"

I've done this many times because I love obstacle course racing and the community it provides. But the only people who are making a living from it is the company, not the athletes. Yes, some athletes are sponsored, but that's different. Spartan Race does not give a piece of the company to the athletes. The company earns all the profits while the athletes and participants continue to help build the dreams of Joe DeSena. Some elite athletes say they don't care about the money, but trust me they do, that's why they are running the races who offer PHAT paychecks for hitting the podium, otherwise why don't they just do a Tough Mudder, and time it themselves with no one watching them? We are humans, we are reward oriented, and elite athletes want to be rewarded for their hard work, as they should!


How Beachbody Coaches are NOT selling you - Become a Beachbody Coach

"Dang, I just saw the BEST movie ever, I highly recommend that you watch it!" 

We've all done this! We have all watched an awesome movie and told people about it, it's just a natural thing to do, but again, we are selling through word-of-mouth marketing. If a person watches 5 movies per week (home or theater) then this person would have watched roughly 14,400 movies by the age of 60. That's a lot of movies, and guess what, all of the profits go to the production and entertainment companies, we movie watchers do not get a dime!


"I just took my girlfriend to this fancy restaurant, and the food was absolutely amazing, you have to take your wife there!"

Yup, I have done this too! If there is one thing that I love doing, it's restaurant-hopping, especially the fancy ones because I love fine dining. I went to Chef School =). But again, we fill our tummies up with all of these fine foods, and who reaps all the profits? The restauranteurs!


"I just went to the most amazing gym! They had a pool, a Crossfit den, group fitness classes, you name it, you have to check it out!"

Yup, been there too! I used to Crossfit and love it, and honestly, I still go to the gym. It's not that there is anything wrong with it, I actually would rather do my P90X workouts at the gym anyways. But here's the thing, the gym and box owners take all the profits, while you are doing all the selling (sharing your posts on Facebook about working out etc). You might think well, I go to the gym to workout, not to make money! Well, good for you, but guess what? I go to the gym and also make money =) If you go to the gym or box, then for the most part, it's part of your life. It makes you feel good right? Well imagine doing that, and making a living with it! It can happen, and you don't need a 6/7 figure investment.


How Beachbody Coaches are NOT selling you - Become a Beachbody Coach - P90X at the Gym

So as you can see, these are some pretty good examples of what we do every day. We are selling ALL DAY.....well, we're really just SHARING our experiences with people. And that is all I do as a Beachbody Coach, sharing my passion! So the next time a Beachbody Coach is sharing something with you, just know that it's NOT about selling you, it's about helping you become better inside and out. I am truly blessed to be affiliated with a company who compensates me for my passion, I just never thought it was even possible! Spartan Race will always give me a good experience, just like a movie will always entertain me, but they will never be able to help me create a real future for me and my family and that is where my priority lies.

How Beachbody Coaches are NOT selling you - Become a Beachbody Coach

If you hate selling as much as I do, and you would like to learn how to turn your passion for health and fitness into a huge online business, then feel free to contact me here, I look forward to meeting you! =)

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