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TOP 5 Reasons Why Beachbody Coaches Are Misunderstood

Top 5 Reasons Why Beachbody Coaches are Misunderstood - Who are Beachbody Coaches - Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

As I am writing this post, I just realized that I have been a Beachbody Coach for almost 5 years! I can vividly remember when my brother gave me a set of P90X workouts (late 2010), thinking that I would never do them, but fast forward to present day, I have accomplished so much (physically and mentally) and have changed so many lives in the process. I would have to say that my decision to become a Beachbody Coach has been the best investment that I've ever made, not just for me, but also for my family. But along my journey, there were, and will always be people who will doubt what I do...........

Just like any industry or opportunity where success and failure are abundant, there will be doubts, negativity, and a ton of misunderstood claims and concerns.

My goal with this post is to help people understand what Beachbody Coaching is all about. I am by no means in the "convincing business", but I would like to shed some light with some of you who don't quite understand what a Beachbody Coach stands for, and why thousands of people are drawn to this amazing opportunity.

So here goes.......

TOP 5 Reasons Why Beachbody Coaches Are Misunderstood:

1.  SELLING - Most people don't realize that everything that we are involved with has to do with selling. Your job, the restaurants that you eat at, the movies that you watch, the couch that you sit on, the 5K or race that you just ran, the charity you donated to, and the ring that you bought your spouse. Behind everything that you see, breathe, touch etc you were sold by it. Beachbody Coaching is no different, but the fact that it's a real opportunity that isn't afraid to "SAY IT", makes it a target to people who don't see it for what it really is. You work every day of your life for someone which is admirable, but if someone chooses to do this on their own, and create their own future, why knock them down? I strongly agree that if people are not happy for someone's success (or someone's journey to want to become better), it's only because they aren't happy with their own life. It's simple, I encourage you to be open and understand that Beachbody Coaching gives people an opportunity to be happy and healthy and share it with people. If that is not inspiring to you, then I don't know what is.

2.  SCAM - If Beachbody Coaching is a scam, then that means your government, your job, your church, the military, and everything that has some sort of "pyramid" structure is a scam. Network Marketing (MLM) is a billion-dollar industry, and it doesn't get that huge by being a scam. Yes, there are fly-by-night companies, and people have been burned (like your brother, friend, cat and dog), but this happens in every industry, so quit blaming the MLM industry. Last time I checked, most companies that you work for only has one CEO, and it ain't you. MLM is the only industry that can give anyone an opportunity to be their own CEO, and what's so negative about that? Again, I encourage you to stop knocking the people who are trying to make something out of their lives and the well-being of their families. If you think it's a scam, it's simple, just do your research like I did and the millions of successful people before me. Be happy for people just like you would like people to be happy for you, it's just that simple. RESPECT.

Top 5 Reasons Why Beachbody Coaches are Misunderstood - Who are Beachbody Coaches - Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

3.  RECRUITING - Let's face it, you will not like every Beachbody Coach that you run into. Just like any industry, there are newbies, rookies, and annoying sales people.....and then there will be the PROS, the ones who learned from their mistakes and didn't let anyone get in their way of success. We all have to start somewhere, so give that new Beachbody Coach a break, they are trying. When you get approached by a Beachbody Coach who you think is trying to sell or recruit you, I would actually be impressed by that because they either want to help you, or they think that you are sharp enough to become an Entrepreneur. Remember that time you went to a restaurant and you received the worst service ever, but maybe you decided to give them another try, and the second time around was the best experience. Beachbody Coaches are from all walks of life and just like you and I, they all display different personalities. If you base Beachbody Coaching on just one person (or a few newbie coaches), you are not giving the company or opportunity a fair chance. Most of you have a house, a car, and a cell phone because SOMEONE TALKED YOU INTO IT, and made you think that this is something that you needed, when in all reality, we could all live without all of them, we have before. You have a choice to fully understand if you and your family can benefit from Beachbody Coaching either physically or financially. Open your mind and learn more about it before you start making false and negative statements about it. You'll be surprised what can happen when you open your mind to something new.

4.  BELIEF - When I completed my first obstacle course race, I was hooked, and I have gone from competing at races to now helping the sport grow.....I am a believer of the sport. Most people who go into something and make it non-negotialble, they end up being a walking billboard for it. Most Beachbody Coaches have had LIFE-CHANGING experiences with their health and fitness. I've seen Beachbody Coaches lose over 100lbs, get off MEDS that they've been on for years, pay off their mortgages, start charity foundations, donate and earn millions of dollars! Why wouldn't these Coaches believe in what they do? If you had a life-changing experience, and people began to get INSPIRED by you, wouldn't that make you a believer? Most Coaches are still going through their journey, and they are simply sharing it with you. THAT IS IT. We come from a society that leads us to believe that we have to graduate from college, get a safe secure job, have a family, and live happily ever after. Times are changing, the job market is tough, and people are looking for a way out. LIFE is short, and Beachbody Coaches understand this, and they are trying to make things happen. You will not find a more positive and uplifting group of people that will back you 100%. When's the last time your BOSS said, "hey, I want you to have my job because you deserve it". It doesn't happen in the workplace. Everyone says that they want you to be successful, just not more successful than them. Beachbody Coaching is different, and if you really do your research, you will find that your success is based on the people that you truly help, now again, if that's not INSPIRING and motivating, I don't know what is!

5.  EXPERTS - So there is this thing called "STATUS", I know, because I used to have it. People think that just because you don't need a Harvard Degree or be super intelligent, that Beachbody Coaching is not a superior business opportunity. That's a crock! In fact, there was a study that was published in the best-selling book "The Millionaire Mind", and it said, "the average millionaire didn't become successful by their academics, they said that it was based on their social skills". I have seen doctors, lawyers, celebrity personal trainers, IT professionals, and VERY successful business owners become Full Time Beachbody Coaches. You do not have to be a fitness or nutrition expert, we have a research and development department for that. You don't need to pay rent for an office facility or a gym, you can work remotely from anywhere around the world with your laptop and smartphone. You don't need a half million dollars to pay a franchise fee, it's only $39.95 (get a challenge pack and that fee is waived) to start, and you have the opportunity to make a 6/7 figure residual income with virtually NO EMPLOYEES. Imagine having a life that you deserve without being an EXPERT? Once you decide to stop caring what others think, that's when big things eventually start to happen with your life. Stop trying to be an expert with things that don't matter, and start working on being an expert with things that do matter, like you and your family.

TOP 5 Things That Beachbody Coaching Has Helped Me With:

-  OWN BOSS: I choose when I go to work, where I work, and what I wear to work. I choose when I can spend time with my family, where and when I can travel, and whatever I want to do.

Top 5 Reasons Why Beachbody Coaches are Misunderstood - Who are Beachbody Coaches - Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

-  TRAVEL: I can live my passion and travel the world without worrying about what's in my wallet. I don't have to worry about going back home because of a job, I go home when I miss my family, or I just take my family with me.

-  FAMILY TIME: No one can tell me when I can spend vacations with my family, or when I can spend time with my daughter, I do this because I have the time freedom that I busted my ass for.

-  I have the amazing opportunity to start a cause-related media project to help the sport of obstacle course racing grow, it's a great passion of mine! is fully funded by my Beachbody Business, which takes care of my travel expenses, equipment etc. So the next time you watch my OCR videos (which has over a million views and raises awareness for charities), please remember that if it wasn't for my success with my Beachbody Coaching, these obstacle racing videos would not even exist. This is a huge reason why I am grateful as a Beachbody Coach.

I film obstacle races for FREE, all for the growth of the sport. 
Top 5 Reasons Why Beachbody Coaches are Misunderstood - Who are Beachbody Coaches - Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

-  LEADERSHIP: I never thought that I would ever have a chance to lead others to live better lives. This business changes people, and it did just that for me. I am dedicated to helping people enjoy their lives. I am committed to sharing how it has changed my life, physically and financially.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me here. Are you ready to learn more about Beachbody Coaching, and what it can do for you and your family, then please connect with me, I look forward to meeting you! =)

Start your Fitness Journey Today!

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