Friday, October 27, 2017

How to Stay Awake and In Shape During Road Trips

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I'm going to make this post really quick, but I am almost finished with my 2+ month road trip from the east coast of the USA to the west coast, to the Blue Mountains in Canada and back to Florida. When I'm done, I will have driven over 13,000+ road miles!

One of the things that I've found that most people struggle with during long road trips of one week or more is how to stay awake and active on the road, and so I just wanted to share what I did during my 2+ month road trip.

1.  When you stop at a rest area to take a potty break, try parking at one of the parking spaces furthest away from the restrooms. From your car, jog or even lunge all the way to the restrooms, do your business, and jog or lunge back to your car. Once you get back to your car, do 15-30 burpees, or 50 jumping jacks. Stretch if you have time.

2.  When you stop at a gas station to pump gas, this can be the "burn out round". When you are filling up, choose an exercise and do it for as many reps as you can until your gas tank is filled up. Ideal exercises would be: push ups, squats, jump squats, pulsing squats, pulsing lunges, plank holds etc. (choose one) Try going for as many reps as you can, or even holding a plank for the whole duration, which isn't that long at all, but it's all about staying active on the road =) *Please note that you may have some people looking at you like you are weird, but guess what, you will probably never, ever see them again. But also, you never know, you may inspire someone to get back into shape too =)

3. When you stop by a gas station for a potty break. Go ahead and do your business, find a parking spot and do a Inch Worms around your car. If you have time to do extras, grab a backpack and do some squat thrusts, or open up your car door, stick your feet up on one seats and do decline push ups to failure, that will wake you up!! =)

Road Trip Workout, Stay Awake and In Shape During Road Trips, Road Trip Exercises, Beachbody Coach Travel, Beachbody on Demand

So this is just some of the things that I did that didn't take a very long time, but it kept me awake and of course kept me active. You can always do more, but the key is to get to your next destination, so these small things can help you get there safely while keeping the blood flowing! =)

Sometimes I enjoy taking my time and I will even do full workouts at a rest area. I especially enjoy getting on my smartphone, finding a good spot around a picnic area and logging on to my Beachbody on Demand fitness app and doing a quick T25 or Insanity Max 30 Workout, I'm always wide awake after a full workout.

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I challenge you to film yourself doing these road trip workouts, and tag me on Facebook. =)

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