Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Beachbody Coach in the Philippines [UPDATE]

I've been getting a lot of questions pertaining my long stay here in the Philippines, so I thought that`I would post this quick update!

I am not only here to learn more about the country that`my parents are from, but I am also here on video projects with my OCRTUBE media project. My film projects include obstacle course racing and charity based videos. I hope to help the sport of OCR (obstacle course racing) grow in Asia, and at the same time, take my donations from my OCRTUBE media project and help the charities here with spreading their message. This is my mission here :)


Getting my fit back because of a lot of traveling and indulging in gastronomic delights! By staying at a place for an extended period of time, It will better help me create a daily routine, which is very difficult at times when you are always on the go!


I wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast and walk to either the coffee shop, or my favorite coworking spot "The Common Space" located in BF Homes, Paranaque. I then work a full day from 6-8 hours (eating lunch during breaks), and then I go back home to workout before eating dinner.

Sounds simple right, thats because it is, and that is why I am choosing to stay here for a few months before I have to take off to Europe and Australia for more film projects. So far`so good :)


I have been working out with my family as well as with some friends here. Beachbody on Demand has been my workout arsenal, as well as my Beachbody Workout Sheets on my iPhone :) So far my workouts of choice have been T25 and Insanity Max30 at home, and P90X, Hammer Chisel, and Body Beast`at nearby gyms. I also do my running when filming obstacle races on the weekends. I will start hiking some mountains during the week soon, so I'm pretty excited about that!


- the Grab Taxi App is a lifesaver and has saved me so much money and headaches
- How to fake a filipino accent to get cheaper fares on the FX (UV Express) transports and Jeepneys
- The government does little to nothing about the poverty and litter here, and it sucks because I see it everywhere!
- The people are super nice, but I've met some butt holes too :)
- You can always find a meal that`can fill you up for $1-2 pretty much anywhere!
- Good fruit is hard to find unless you are somewhere tropical
- There is sugar everywhere!!!! bread, meats, etc be careful!
- People think its cool to be pale, not only are they just trying to protect their skin, they say it's a sign of wealth, but then I ask, "but aren't you working for only 500 pesos per day ($10 or sometimes less)" I don't get it, but 'm getting used to it. A lot of the filipinos here wear their pale skin very well, they are just gorgeous (the ladies). I try to tell them that`my skin color comes from laying out on the yacht all day, but it doesn't work :)
-` I love it here, this could be my second home, and it will be hopefully soon!

Anywho, that's my update! Keep living healthy and active, you know we're not at all perfect, but trying is better than sitting on your ass :)