Thursday, March 8, 2018

T25 Total Body - Always FUN and Challenging

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One of the best things about working out is doing it with friends!

I've been based in the Philippines to expand my cause-related media project here in Asia, but in between the film work and family time, I try to keep my fit on which is difficult sometimes when you don't have a set schedule, especially while traveling.

When I finally get a workout in, it's always good to invite people to workout with you. When I did T25 Total Body Circuit (a few weeks ago), I invited some friends and we had a blast! And although the workout was only 25 minutes, trust me....we still got our butts kicked!!

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My buddy Daniel was kind enough to invite us over to his condo to get this workout in, I think next time I will bring some swim shorts to take a dip in the nice pool!

Here's a quick video of our workout, and if you need some extra motivation and accountability (I know we all need it sometimes), then feel free to message me for some free online coaching and advice! Looking forward to meeting you =)

T25 Total Body Circuit
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