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Deck of Cards Workout

Deck of Cards Workout - Playout the Game
Deck of Cards Workout

Believe it or not, there is more to a deck of cards then Poker and Blackjack!

The first time I saw a workout using a deck of cards was when I attended the 2014 Atlanta Spartan Sprint Race in Conyers, GA. Alicia Keys even attended this Spartan Race, check out the video! The mastermind behind this invention called Playout the Game was by elite athlete Eddie Koval, aka Mr. Playout! Playout is an exercise card game that turns body weight exercises (no equipment needed) into fun games and group competitions for all ages and fitness levels. You can get more information on Eddie's Playout Game here. There is also an app for the game as well, pretty cool if you ask me.

As a Beachbody Coach, I am constantly introduced to many workout programs such as P90X, Body Beast and Insanity workouts, and the 21 Day Fix Extreme, which will be coming in February 2015. But every once in awhile I love to change things up and see what's out there. I love the fitness industry, the people, and supporting others who have the same vision as I do, which is to help end the trend of obesity all over the world.

So if you do not have Playout the Game, you can also just use a cheap deck of cards. It's quite simple, here's how it works.


1. Assign a movement to each suit: (you can change this after each game)
- Diamonds = Push ups
- Spades = Jump Squats
- Clubs = In and Out Abs
- Hearts = Dips

2. Each card that you draw equals a certain number of reps:
- Jokers = 15 Burpees

- King = 13
- Queen = 12
- Jack = 11
- 10 = 10
- 9 = 9 etc.
- Ace = 1

Depending on how long and hard you would like to workout, you can use the whole deck of cards or just half of the deck. 

Incorporate Running with the Deck of Cards Workout:
You can either do sprints, 400 meters, or a mile.
- Sprints: You can do a 25-50 yard sprint. Simply put the deck of cards at each side of the 25/50 yard mark. Sprint to marker, pick a card, do the movement/reps, set the card next to deck face up, then sprint to the next sprint marker. Do this until the deck of cards is complete. Get extreme and do Chute Sprints!
- 400 meters: Run with the card deck. Every 400 meters, pick a card and complete the movement/reps. Do this for a workout length of time such as 30 minutes or 1 hour etc.
- One Miler: You can use either the Sprint or 400 meter concept. Should you use the 400 meter concept, I would set your workout length to at least one hour plus. Of course this depends on your fitness level. Always listen to your body!

*Add a 5-20lb Weight Vest with your One Mile+ Run Deck of Cards Workout if you're a BEAST. 

Group Fitness with the Deck of Cards Workout:
Simply use the Sprint Concept above, but instead of placing the split deck of cards on each side, just keep the deck (or half deck) on one side, which would be opposite of the starting point.

Create 2 teams or more with equal amount of participants in each group. Each group would start at the same time by sprinting to the card deck, picking a card, doing the movement/reps. Upon completing the movement/reps, place the card face up beside the deck, then sprint and tag the next person on your team/group. The group/team who finishes the deck of cards first will be the winners!

Stay active my friends! =)

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