Tuesday, January 6, 2015

HIKING Muddy Mountains Wilderness - Las Vegas

Hiking Muddy Mountains Wilderness - Las Vegas
 Hiking Muddy Mountains with the Family - Las Vegas

My family and I spent a day exploring the Muddy Mountains Wilderness - Anniversary Narrows Trail which is almost an hour outside of Las Vegas, NV. I visit Las Vegas about once or twice a year because my brother and his family live here, and it's just an awesome place. When you go beyond the glitz and the glamour of the LV Strip, there are plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, trail running, skiing, snowboarding (Mt. Charleston), and water skiing! I love it here because of the scenery. I grew up around beaches (trust me, I'm not complaining), but when I travel, I do prefer to visit places which are at higher elevation.

My Nephews showing me what BEASTMODE is all about!
Hiking Muddy Mountains Wilderness - Las Vegas

Muddy Mountains Wilderness was absolutely amazing. It's crazy how these mountains and rock formations were actually formed by water over millions of years! Walking through the 600 foot deep slot canyon takes you back in time about 300 million years ago. Even more amazing is that people have lived in and passed through these mountains for thousands of years. They have left behind rock art, artifacts, agave roasting pits, and rock shelters.

We didn't get a chance to make it up the highest peak which is called Muddy Peak, so I'll have to come back next time. I created a quick 2 minute video from our fun family hike, so feel free to watch it. And as always, stay active my friends!

Hiking Muddy Mountains Wilderness - Las Vegas

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