Thursday, February 12, 2015

P90X3 - The Challenge Workout

P90X3 The Challenge Workout - P90X3 Workout Sheets
P90X3 - The Challenge

This workout reminds me of the P90X One on One Series workout called the "Upper Body Massacre" which is nothing but push ups and pull ups for about an hour, it really is a murderous upper body workout! P90X3 The Challenge Workout is very similar, but it is only for 30 minutes, as if that isn't enough. There are only 8 moves (plus a burnout round) in this workout, which doesn't seem like much, but once you get into it, you soon find out that it surely is a BEAST. Before the workout, you have to set some numbers up for yourself like how many push ups and pull ups you want to do, and the goal is to try to maintain that number for the duration of the 30 minute workout. For example: 10-20 pull ups, and 15-30 push ups. Yes, most people can do this on their own without the workout DVD, but it's a heck of a lot better workout if you can follow and keep up with the guys on the video,'s about trying to stay with their pace! We tend to take more breaks without these DVD's, but it's a true test of strength and endurance if you can do all of the movements, with less breaks, within that 30 minute time period. This isn't your grandma's old workout with Richard Simmons, this is the real deal, so don't knock it until you've tried it.

"This a great workout for Obstacle Course Racing, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder Training or anyone interested in gaining more strength and endurance"

P90X3 The Challenge Workout - P90X3 Workout Sheets - Tough Mudder Training

I would not recommend P90X3 to anyone who is at a beginner fitness level, the program is geared primarily for super-intermediate to advanced, I don't care what anyone else tells you. Yes, there are modifications, but with the X3 movements, you will get the best results without using modifications. I seriously think that if anyone modifies a workout more than 50% of the time, then the workout is not for them. If this is you, then I would recommend that you try an easier program (such as P90) that suits your level of fitness to where you could do the movements un-modified, and get a full range of motion, and complete the workout with less breaks. The less modifications that you use, the better results you will get. And I'm not saying that you won't get any results from modifying, but how much is too much? Most people would agree that they feel more accomplished when they can complete a workout without using modifications. And if a workout is too hard, most people begin to feel discouraged, and they either quit, or get injured. Don't be one of those statistics! You have goals, you just need the right program, and the right coach to help you. So be smart, and choose a program that's right for you, forget about the media, forget about people telling you what cool workout you should be doing. Be safe, and if you need assistance with finding the perfect program for you, then feel free to message me, I would be happy to assist!

P90X3 The Challenge Workout - P90X3 Workout Sheets

Here are the movements for P90X3 - The Challenge:

Equipement Needed:
- Pull Up Bar
- Power Stands (optional, but highly recommended)


ROUND 1: (2x)
- Wide Pull Up
- Standard Push Up

ROUND 2: (2x)
- Chin Up
- Military Push Up

ROUND 3: (2x)
- Close Grip Pull Up
- Wide Push Up

ROUND 4: (2X)
- Vaulter Pull Up
- Staggered Push Ups

Do one Pull Up (any kind) and 3 Push Ups (any kind) for as many rounds as possible for 2 1/2 minutes.


Like I said, it doesn't seem like much on paper, but once you're in the workout, you will soon find out that you are in for a big surprise. Make sure to set big numbers for yourself because when you set low numbers, it won't be a challenge, and that's what this workout is all about, it's all about the CHALLENGE, so challenge yourself! That's when change happens.

Watch my P90X3 - The Challenge Video:

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