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The Benefits of Obstacle Course Racing

The Benefits of Obstacle Course Racing - BattleFrog Series Discount Code
The Benefits of Obstacle Course Racing

I remember the first time I did an OCR (obstacle course race), it was in back in 2011. I just completed a few rounds of P90X and my brother told me that he was planning on traveling from Pensacola, Fl to North Carolina for a Warrior Dash. Back then, there wasn't very many races like there are today, so to think how crazy it was to drive 12+ hours just to run a 5K in the mud........we must have not been thinking clearly =). But after that race, I crossed the finish line with something that I've never felt before. I felt accomplished. I know that might sound crazy, because I've accomplished things in my life before, but never like this. The camaraderie was nothing I've ever seen before. People helping people. It was like everyone was happy even though they were challenged and "dirty". It was humans being humans, it was primal.

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That was the beginning of my OCR addiction.

I wear my race shirts pretty much everywhere that I go (because I have a ton of them), and I get a lot of feedback. Some positive, some negative, but most of the time, people are just curious. I always say the same thing "you just have to try it one time". Obstacle Course Racing has changed my life in many ways, so I just wanted to share what I feel have been the prime benefits of OCR based on my experiences.

The BENEFITS of Obstacle Course Racing:

1.  GETS YOU OFF THE COUCH - I find that most people dislike health and fitness because they feel that is is not fun. No matter how beneficial it is to stay active, people just don't envision it as something that they have to do. Obstacle Course Racing has changed that. It has taken the once "couch potato" who has never ran or lifted weights before, to conquering mountainous terrain, rope climbs as tall as buildings, to ice baths and barbwire crawls. Fitness is now fun and exciting! It's how we humans were meant to play....outside.

2.  NEW FRIENDSHIPS - Have you ever been to a social event where you felt out of place? You know, like there is nothing to talk about! #Awkward - The amazing thing about OCR events is that everyone is on the same page as you. Everyone goes through the same struggles. We all cross the same finish line and share stories about cramping, training, how many burpees we did, and getting through that one tough obstacle. The camaraderie is what sells these races. It's what brings people together. It's not about the race, it's about the people who continue to challenge themselves. It's about family.

3.  CONSISTENT GOALS - I know a lot of people who have a tough time setting goals. OCR People are a little different. They set goals to become a better athlete to conquer the next race. Goals are important to the OCR athlete because they want to always do better at the next race. When you set goals, workout, eat healthy, help others....something happens, you become happy and ultimately live a better life. You excel at your job and/or business, and you become a better human. Is there anything else?

4.  STRESS RELIEVER - Has there ever been a time where you said "I regret that workout?" I don't think so. Working out releases stress, and competing or participating in an obstacle course race is no different. I've seen people at the start line complaining about how cold it is, or how dull their relationship is with their spouse, how much they hate their job etc. But once they cross the finish line, what was once taken over their mental space became all but forgotten. At the finish line, there is nothing but tears of joy, big smiles, and lots of hugs! That's where the OCR magic happens!

5.  PROMOTES TRAVEL - I was in Laos (SE Asia) a few months ago, and I met a guy from France who had a Spartan Race shirt! I honestly felt like we were brothers! I've seen people travel to races that have never traveled outside of their city before. OCR has turned athletes into groupies, following races wherever they can get their fix! For months at a time, I would travel from one race to another, every weekend and see the same people. It's amazing! More than amazing is how expensive this hobby is, and people still are willing to pay for it. OCR is a fitness movement that is going nowhere but to the top!

6.  REWARDING - As if crossing the finish line isn't rewarding enough, Obstacle Course Racing can reward you with things like a finisher medal, a beer, a T-shirt or a head band. It's pretty crazy what people will do for a beer! And for some athletes, it has opened doors to big sponsorships. It has also given athletes and investors a chance to become entrepreneurs not only to benefit themselves, but the OCR community as a whole.

7.  VARIETY - I remember when it was all about Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and Warrior Dash. Now there are other companies such as BattleFrog Series coming out of the woodwork and taking OCR to the next level. There are literally hundreds of OCR events now! Depending on where you live, you can almost always find an OCR every weekend.

8.  KID FRIENDLY - Remember when people would make an excuse not to come to an event because they have their kids? Well, that's not a good excuse anymore because OCR has made a point to accommodate the little ones too! There is nothing better than doing a race, then having your kids do one right after you. A family who races together, stays together! Just imagine how healthy and fit your children will grow up to be if you introduce them to the sport. You never know......they may be the next OCR Rockstar! If not, they will be super healthy and fit, and nothing beats that!

9.  CHARITY - I don't think I've ever attended a race event that did not give back to the community. I mean I know that there are some shady ones out there, but for the most part, all OCR companies are committed to giving back. I don't know about you, but It's just a good feeling to know that when you are running a race, meeting new friends, visting new places, and getting super fit that at the same time you are part of something much bigger, and that is making a difference.

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