Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Starter Spartan Workout

Starter Spartan Race Workout - Spartan Training - Spartan Workout
Starter Spartan Workout - Spartan Training

Are you looking for a workout to start training for an upcoming Spartan Race or other obstacle course race event? Here is a good one to try out. As with any training program, it's all about consistency, listening to your body, using proper form over speed, nutrition, and not over-training.

As a Full-Time Beachbody Coach, I have helped many people accomplish huge health and fitness goals, as well as conquering an obstacle course race. I consistently host online fitness challenges specific to elite Beachbody Fitness, running, and cross-training. Feel free to message me, and I would be happy to assist you with your goals.

Starter Spartan Workout:

- Jog for 5 to 10 minutes or Jump Rope 3 to 5 minutes

- 10 Burpees
- 10 Crunches
- 30 Second Plank
- 30 Second High Knees
- Run/Jump Rope 2 minutes
- Recover 1 minute


Starter Spartan Race Workout - Spartan Training - Spartan Workout

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