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Swamp Dash | April 2015 | Alachua, FL

Swamp Dash - April 2015 - Alachua Florida
Swamp Dash - April 2015

I attended the Swamp Dash in Alachua, Florida for the first time on April 4th, 2015. There's something about these small, local races that I really love. It might be because of the nice personal touches, and the small family type feel.

Watch Full Race Video Below!

I'm not quite sure, but I believe that this was the 3rd year running for the Swamp Dash, and I've heard a lot of good things about the event, so I just had to check it out for myself. I was on my way up to Pensacola, Fl from Tampa and I decided to stay overnight in Alachua (just outside Gainesville, Fl) on Friday night. I arrived at Rembert Farms (the event site) around 7:30 am on Saturday morning. It was pretty foggy out, but I was told that it would clear up around 9:00 am, right after the competitive wave (8:45 am).

I spent most of the day filming and running the event, and I had a blast. I think I probably got in about 5-6 miles that day. I was told that the course was about 4.3 miles give or take. I've been doing a lot of trail running and P90X as usual to keep me in shape to film these races, so I did not feel tired at all during this event. I actually consider these events training for me since most of the time I am out there running after people, as well as the elite runners. I don't often do all the obstacles just because of liability purposes (when I am strictly attending as media), so sometimes I will have a registered runner use one of my GoPros to film a certain obstacle.

Running with some OCR Royalty =)
Swamp Dash - April 2015 - Alachua Florida - Mud Run Fun - Weeple Army

I haven't run competitive in quite some time, and I would have to say that I miss it. But there is something about filming and just running these events. I get the best of both worlds, my passion for making race videos, and running to stay in shape =). I reckon I'll have to put my Gopro down at one point to challenge myself like I used to when I first started obstacle course racing. Here's the thing, you are never to old for OCR, and the sport isn't going anywhere. I will continue my training, and use my time filming races as part of my training, and once I decide to run competition again, all I'm saying is that they better be ready, ha ha! =) Training doesn't ever stop even if I am not running competitive. Health and fitness is a lifestyle for me, which is why I probably love going out to these races and running in the woods. Being as Full Time Beachbody Coach helps a lot with that too =)

Top 3 Elites
Jose Rivera 1st Place (left), Troy King 3rd Place (middle), Jay Flores 2nd Place (right)
Swamp Dash - April 2015 - Alachua Florida - Mud Run Fun - Team Dynasty OCR

Top Females
Guadalupe Merlos 1st Female (left), Karen Harbaugh 2nd Place (right)
Swamp Dash - April 2015 - Alachua Florida

Angela Howe 3rd Place Femalre
Swamp Dash - April 2015 - Alachua Florida

Check out the video that I made, it was a blast, and I will definitely be back!

Swamp Dash - Alachua Florida - April 2015

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