Monday, May 4, 2015

Colorado Spartan Military Sprint | Ft. Carson | 2015

Colorado Spartan Sprint - Ft Carson, Colorado 2015 - Spartan Military Sprint
Colorado Spartan Sprint - Ft Carson, Colorado - 2015

This was my 4th year attending this event and every year it gets better and surprisingly TOUGHER! The event location slightly changed and was moved near Gate 7 off of highway 115, it was a little further, but in my opinion, the terrain and festival area just felt better, I guess because it was in a very remote location in the mountains. The elevation changes were ridiculous!


I arrived in Colorado Springs a few days before after participating and filming the Atlas Race in Kansas City (watch video here). Prior to the Colorado Spartan Sprint, I was able to get my breathing acclimated by running around some of the CO trails, as well as attending an OCR training session at PCR Fitness before the race. Training with my Training Mask at home with my P90X workouts and running helped a lot as it was not as difficult to adjust to the elevation. I was training with a 6,000 ft elevation setting on my mask.

Running the Barr Trail at Manitou Springs after the Manitou Incline
Manitou Incline - Manitou Springs - spartan training

OCR Training at PCR Fitness:

The event at Ft. Carson overall was fantastic other than the weather. Spartan Race had to close down the event twice on Saturday, and once on Sunday because of poor weather conditions such as sporadic thunderstorms and even some hail.

Filming the Elite Females on Sunday
Colorado Spartan Sprint - Ft Carson, Colorado 2015 - Spartan Military Sprint

At any rate, the Colorado Spartan Sprint is one of my favorite races of the year, and I plan to continue the tradition every year. Feel free to watch my video from Saturday and Sunday, and if you participated in this event, comment below what you thought was the toughest obstacle, and your overall experience. Hope to see you at the next one! =)

Colorado Spartan Sprint - Ft. Carson, Colorado - 2015

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