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How I Manage My Beachbody Business with OCR (Obstacle Course Racing)

How I Manage My Beachbody Business with OCR (Obstacle Course Racing)
2 Big Passions - 1 Wonderful Life!

I think everyone at some point struggles with juggling different things in their lives whether it be a job, children, sports, hobby, or a business. This happens to me almost all the time. Being a full time Beachbody Coach is something that I absolutely love doing. I mean, check this out, I am responsible for helping people make big changes in their lives everyday from health and fitness transformations, to eliminating debt and gaining financial freedom. Before becoming a full time Beachbody Coach, I had 3 jobs, ran a nightlife marketing company, and worked 100 hours a week, it was insane!  I worked my Beachbody business in between my breaks, in the bathroom (TMI I know) =), and wherever I could get it in, I sacrificed a lot of sleep. If I only had 5 minutes to work my business, trust me, I took full advantage of it, and 2 and a half years later, I was able to quit my 3 jobs, and retire from a nightlife business that was not very healthy for me and my daughter.

Fast forward to mid 2011, I was introduced to obstacle course racing by my brother Fermin. By this time, I was in the best shape of my life (in my 40's), and I was ready to take on something that would really test my overall fitness, and I was so excited that I found it in OCR (obstacle course racing). It became an addiction, which is very common in this sport, especially if you are a newbie. Today, there are OCR groupies like there were Dead Heads back in the 1970's!

How I Manage My Beachbody Business with OCR (Obstacle Course Racing)

As I began more and more involved with OCR, there was a time where I began to distance myself from my Beachbody Coaching business, just because I was having so much fun traveling and meeting other people who were just as passionate as I was about this extreme sport. Yes, I still worked my coaching business during the week via my laptop, but I would then travel and do races on the weekend. I remember what the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler once said, "Beachbody should not be your life, Beachbody should give you a life", and I really took that to heart and ran with it. I had already built my business to a comfortable level that allowed me to do what I wanted to do, travel simple, and live freely. But it wasn't until I attended Coach Summit 2014 in Las Vegas that I realized that I was not balancing my life and my business, or should I say, "my 1st passion". Beachbody Coach Summit is like the Super Bowl of Beachbody Events, it's where anyone who wants to be successful as a Beachbody Coach GOES. If success and FREEDOM is what you want out of life, then Coach Summit was a must to attend. I have never missed a Coach Summit event since becoming a Beachbody Coach in 2010, and I never will.

So here I am at Coach Summit at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, sitting with my coach team, having a little POW WOW, and some of my coaches were literally telling me that they felt that I was not focused on them, and they felt that I was more focused on my race travel, and they felt like I didn't care about them. This really truly broke my heart because everything that I was doing: races, traveling, spending time with family etc. was all given to me by my commitment to my Beachbody Business, and to my team who I proudly call my second family. I was devastated, I felt like I let them down. I was being nothing but selfish, and I knew at that point that I needed to create more balance in my life.

I am committed to my team, always and forever!
How I Manage My Beachbody Business with OCR (Obstacle Course Racing)

After that event, I promised my team that they were going to be my priority from this point forward. I mean come on, I was able to live my life because of my team. I didn't build my business on my own, it was all about team, and that is how I was able to be where I was, FREE from a boss. I had freedom because of my business, so why was I neglecting that part of my life? It was a wake-up call for me, and I will never again make that mistake. Sometimes it is easy to get influenced by outside sources, and yes I was having a blast with my races, and I still am, but it's all about balance, and making the people who mean most to you a "priority" in your life.

So how do I manage my Beachbody Business today while still keeping my passion for obstacle course racing? It's very simple:

-  I don't let the sport of obstacle course racing influence me to think that OCR is the only thing in my life that I am passionate about.

-  I share my passion for Beachbody with my OCR friends, and let them know who I am, and what I do. If people don't like what I do, it's doesn't matter to me, because it's not for them, it's for my family.

My life is all about my daughter, and my family

- I continue to work my Beachbody business during the week, but dedicate my time with my races specifically on Saturday and Sunday granted that I do not have a Beachbody event such as Coach Summit or Beachbody Super Saturday.

- I focus on working out with my Beachbody fitness programs and drinking my Shakeology everyday while incorporating other OCR specific workouts to help me excel in the sport.

- I will stay focused on what I love the most about my two passions: ending the trend of obesity, building leaders (not followers), and helping the sport of OCR grow on a global scale.

- Sharing Beachbody with OCR, and sharing OCR with Beachbody =) It really is the right combination!

- I will use my passion for my Beachbody business and obstacle course racing to help my family live a better life. That's what it's all about for me! 

I think it's always good to know what your priorities are, what puts food on your table, and if what you are doing is helping and/or empowering people. I think both of my passions do this, but I will never forget that without my Beachbody business, I would not have found interest in obstacle course racing, and have the opportunity to travel and race whenever I please. Not everyone can be a Spartan Pro Team Athlete or a PAID Sponsored Athlete in the OCR industry, and even if you are, just like anything, how long will that last? I'm sure that most people would agree that having multiple sources of income is a smart thing to do, and I'm just glad that in the future when I decide to retire from OCR and just want to travel and pursue other passions, that I will be able to do so, thanks to my Beachbody business.

I am always expanding and looking for new leaders! 

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