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P90X Marathon Training - My First 3 Weeks!

P90X Marathon Training - Training for the Boston Marathon - Boston Qualified

Someone is trying to #BQ (get Boston Qualified) and that person is me! I am a bit nervous, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I am very determined.

I will be blogging about my weekly progress on my P90X Marathon Training and my hopeful road to the Boston Marathon. If you are wondering why I am incorporating P90X into my training, it is merely because I am also an OCR (obstacle course racing) athlete and I plan to continue participating in various ocr events during my marathon training. OCR is not just about running, it involves overall strength and endurance, so I must stay on point with my upper body strength to remain competitive, at least in my age group, so I use P90X to help maintain strength.

I have already started my P90X Marathon Training, and I am now at the end of my 3rd week of my 16 week program. I am currently using the Nike+ Marathon Training Program (Intermediate Schedule). So far everything is doing great, and I feel pretty strong. Today I did a 10 miler in Downtown Pensacola, FL and it was hot as "you know what", but I had to get it done, so I just went at a pretty slow easy pace as recommended on the nike+ training schedule. I have rest day on Sunday (last day of week 3), but I plan to do an upper body P90X3 workout at a moderate intensity level, but no running.

Nike+ Marathon Coach Training Program
P90X Marathon Training - Training for the Boston Marathon - Nike+ Marathon Training

Here was my running schedule for the first 3 weeks:

Week One
P90X Marathon Training - Training for the Boston Marathon - Nike+ Marathon Training

Week Two
P90X Marathon Training - Training for the Boston Marathon - Nike+ Marathon Training

Week Three
P90X Marathon Training - Training for the Boston Marathon - Nike+ Marathon Training

Click here to see how I incorporate P90X into my running schedule

I also have some other good news!! I just registered for my first marathon, the Walt Disney World Marathon in January 2016, so this is when I will see how I do. I would like to try to qualify for Boston during the Disney Marathon, but my research is telling me to just focus on finishing my first marathon, and then try to improve my speed and possibly qualify for Boston on my 2nd or 3rd marathon. We shall see =). Most of the research that I have done have been from very credible marathoners, so I just might have to suck it up and listen to them. If I qualify for Boston during my first marathon, then it will probably be a miracle, and last time I checked, miracles do happen =).

2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Registration Confirmation

So when I finish my 16 week P90X Marathon Program, I will still have about 3 more months until the Disney Marathon in January 2016, so I may go right into another program by Hal Higdon. I will most likely not be able to finish the whole program, so I may start after the 2nd month of his program as most of his coach programs are 18 weeks. I'll figure it out =) Hal Higdon is a 2:21 marathoner, and has coached hundreds of people, so I am excited to use his program after my completion from the Nike+ Marathon Program. I will still continue to use P90X with Hal Higdon's Program, but will have to discontinue all supplementary workouts 2-3 weeks prior to my first marathon as recommended.

Day 3, Week 3, P90X Marathon Training
(P90X Chest and Back)

Day 6, Week 6, P90X Marathon Training
(10 mile run + P90X - X Stretch)

Again, I am nervous, but also quite excited to be training for my first marathon, but I am even more excited to share my journey with you. If you have any tips or advice for me, please feel free to comment below, or connect with me on Facebook here. I also have a FREE Fitness Support Group if you would like to workout with me, we can keep each other accountable and motivated, so feel free to add me on Facebook!

P90X is one of my favorite Strength-Based Programs - Get P90X Fit! 

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