Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hiking the Long Trail to Mount Mansfield - Vermont

I've been spending some amazing time with my family here in Stowe, Vermont and while my family wanted to do the Auto Toll Road to the Vermont's Highest Peak, which is Mount Mansfield Summit, I decided to hike it instead and just meet them at the Mt. Mansfield Visitor Center.

I took the Long Trail from the base of the mountain which was located just passed the Stowe Mountain Lodge (Trail #1). I took the Long Trail (2.3 miles one way) all the way up to the Summit (The Chin) which was 4,393 above sea level with a total of 2,800 in elevation gain.

From the Chin, I then hiked (and did as much running as I could) along the Summit Ridge (about 1 mile) to meet my family at the Mt. Mansfield Visitor Center. As soon as I arrived, I found out that the mountain was not letting a lot of people go up the Auto Toll Road because there were so many people already up. It was going to take forever for them to come up, so I decided to take the Hasleton Trail back to the Gondola Base of the mountain which was about 1.6 miles. I did a total of about 5 miles of hiking, and it was one of the best experiences that I've ever had. I would highly recommend it!

Feel free to watch the video that I created from my hike all the way up to the Mount Mansfield Summit. It's a great way to experience the breathtaking hike with me =)

Long Trail Hike to the Mount Mansfield Summit (The Chin)

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