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My TOP 10 Tips for Handling Haters

Ever get a feeling that people "fake on you"? What I mean by this is that, they tell you how happy they are for you, they tell you that they saw your Facebook post, and tell you that it was awesome, "BUT didn't LIKE IT". They say that they are so happy with your successful career or your thriving business venture, but secretly wish that you would fail.

If you are getting this feeling, I just wanted to let you know that YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT, so keep doing it!

YOU cannot make everyone happy, and that should NOT  be your goal. As you begin building your career or business empire, this is something that we all go through. It's a VERY small obstacle compared to what is in store for you!

I wanted to share some of my tips that I've learned. These are the small things that have helped me move on with my ON-GOING journey to success, and I hope that it will help you with yours! =)

Top 10 Handling Hater Tips:

1.  Be happy that you are not the one hating =)

2.  Understand that people only hate if they want what you have, or they are just unhappy with their life.

3.  Hang out with other SUCCESS-DRIVEN people, this really makes a huge difference!

4.  Don't ever feel bad about sharing your happiness in public, if people are not happy for you, that's their own damn fault, not yours.

5.  Delete TOXIC PEOPLE from your Facebook and your friendship circle.

6.  Read or listen to Personal Development every dang day!

7.  Kill it with kindness! Understand that some people are just unfortunate and live a tough life, they don't know any better. The best way to deal with negativity is to either ignore it, smile, or surprise them by doing something nice for them. NEVER EVER add fuel to the fire and become negative, you're better than that =)

8.  Be consistent. Success is tough! Understand that every day is going to be an obstacle, but it's how you handle it that will make you better and better day in and day out.

9.  Help as many people as you can. Do volunteer work. Doing something positive for the community will be a constant reminder that you are doing something great, better yet, invite a HATER to volunteer with you, it may change their life.

10.  Always set higher goals, and NEVER stop dreaming =)

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