Tuesday, January 2, 2018

CIZE IT UP - Philippines

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CIZE IT UP - Philippines

Well as you know, I'm in Asia and based in the Philippines on some video projects, and it's been a blast. The one thing that`I have been enjoying the most is being able to workout with my family in the Paranaque area. The other day, I introduced them to the dance workout CIZE, and although I can honestly say that`it isn't my type of workout, but my family LOVED IT!!!

Although I am not fond of dance workouts, I still break out with puddles of sweat, I think that`my body works so hard to become coordinated, so I get all sweaty from being confused ha ha! I just love to see my family getting active, so even though I do not prefer the workout, I will do it because I know it will help them :)


Check out this short clip of us doing the Crazy 8 Workout, and if you are in need to try this workout for free, then send me a quick message and I'll hook you up with a 14 Day`Free Trial, you love if you enjoy dancing and hate push ups!

CIZE - Crazy 8's from Paranaque Philippines

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