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TOP 50 Richest Athletes List

Top 50 Richest Athletes - Athlete Networth - Tony Horton Networth - Shaun T Networth
 Top 50 Richest Athletes in the World

I was running some errands with my brother one day in Las Vegas, and he was telling me about when he met Floyd Mayweather. He told me that he was talking to some people who knew him, and said that it was not uncommon for Floyd to carry a million dollars with him. I thought that it was ridiculous! That got me curious. I wanted to see how Floyd ranked with other top athletes. Floyd Mayweather is ranked #21 out of 50 athletes. From footballers to boxers, to coaches and everything in between, here is the Top 50 Richest Athletes in the World according to Celebrity Networth.

Top 50 Richest Athletes in the World:

1.  ION TIRIAC - $2 Billion - Romanian Businessman, Former Professional Hockey Player, and Tennis Player.

2.  MICHAEL JORDON - $1 Billion, Former American Basketball Player

3.  MICHAEL SCHUMACHER - $800 million, German Formula One race car driver

4.  VINCE McMAHON - $750 million, American Professional Wrestling Promoter, Commentator, Film Producer, and occasional wrestler

5.  ARNOLD PALMER - $675 million, American Professional Golfer

6.  ROGER STAUBACH - $600 million, Retired professional footbal quarterback, and highly successful entrepreneur

7.  TIGER WOODS - $550 million, American professional golfer

8.  AL DAVIS - $500 million, American football coach, and executive

9.  MAGIC JOHNSON - $500 million, Retired American basketball player

10.  EDDIE JORDAN - $475 million, Irish former race car driver and business guru

11.  BILL BOWERMAN - $400 million, American Track and Field Coach and entrepreneur

12.  BUD SELIG - $400 million, American Commissioner of Major League Baseball

13.  MICHAEL BUFFER - $400 million, American Boxing Announcer and entrepreneur

14.  AYRTON SENNA - $400 million, Grand Prix Race Car Driver

15.  SHAQUILLE O'NEAL - $350 million, American basketball player, entrepreneur, and television host

16.  DAVID BECKHAM - $350 million, British Soccer Player

17.  ROGER FEDERER - $300 million, Swiss born professional tennis player

18.  ALEX RODRIGUEZ - $300 million, American professional baseball player

19.  DALE EARHHARDT JR. - $300 million, American NASCAR Driver

20.  GREG NORMAN - $300 million, Australian born professional golfer and entrepreneur

21.  FLOYD MAYWEATHER - $295 million, American Boxing Champion

22.  JACK NICKLAUS - $280 million, American professional golfer

23.  LEBRON JAMES - $270 million, American professional basketball player

24.  KOBE BRYANT - $260 million, American professional basketball super star

25.  CRISTIANO RONALDO - $250 million, Portuguese professional soccer player

26.  GEORGE FOREMAN - $250 million, Retired American boxer and highly successful entrepreneur

27.  PAUL CADDICK - $225 million, Retired British Rugby Player

28.  DAVE WHELAN - $210 million, English former professional soccer player

29.  TONY HULMAN GEORGE - $200 million, American Auto Racing Executive

30.  BOB ARUM - $200 million, Professional Boxing Promoter

31.  HAKEEM OLAJUWON - $200 million, Retired Nigerian-American professional basketball player

32.  JOHN MADDEN - $200 million, Legendary sportscaster

33.  WAYNE GRETZKY - $200 million, Canadian-born professional hockey player

34.  OSCAR DE LA HOYA - $200 million, American professional boxer of Mexican descent

35.  GARY PLAYER - $200 million, Professional Golfer

(not sure what happened to 36 and 37 lol)

38.  DEREK JETER - $185 million, American Baseball Player

39.  LIONEL MESSI - $180 million, Argentinian-born professional footballer

40.  GRANT HILL - $180 million, Retired American Basketball player

41.  KEVIN GARNETT - $180 million, Professional basketball player

42.  PHIL MICKELSON - $180 million, American Professional Golfer

43.  KIMI RAIKKONEN - $180 million, Finnish Race Car Driver

44.  ANDRE AGASSI - $175 million, Retired American Professional tennis player

45.  FERNANDO ALONSO - $170 million, Spanish Race Car Driver

46.  PEYTON MANNING - $165 million, American NFL Quarterback

47.  TIM DUNCAN - $150 million, American professional basketball player

48.  PETE SAMPRAS - $150 million, American former professional tennis player

49.  RONALDO - $150 million, Retired Brazilian Football Player

50.  MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI - $150 million, Indian Cricketer and current captain of the Indian National Cricket Team

Net Worth of some Beachbody Celebrity Trainers:

TONY HORTON - $20 million, Tony Horton net worth and salary: Tony Horton is an American fitness trainer who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Tony Horton was born Anthony Sawyer Horton, Jr. in Westerly, Rhode Island, in July 1958. He is probably best known for creating the world famous P90X home fitness program. Prior to entering the business world, Tony attended the University of Rhode Island. In 1980 he moved to Los Angeles to become an actor and also did stand-up comedy. He worked out at the World Gym in Venice, CA which also housed Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Mark Sisson introduced Horton to internal training. Horton became a personal trainer and started a business called ASH Fitness in Santa Monica, CA. His clients included Billy Idol, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Shirley MacLaine, Sean Connery, Antonio Banderas, and Bruce Springsteen. He was a former spokesman for NordicTrack exercise equipment. In 2001 he came out with the in-home program Power 90. In 2004 he created P90X or Power 90 Extreme. As of 2010 over four million copies of P90X had been sold. In 2011 he released P90X2 and in 2013, P90X3. His first book Bring It! was published in 2010. In 2014 Horton came out with P90, which was billed as on "on switch" to fitness.

P90X Creator Tony Horton and I at a LIVE Workout
Top 50 Richest Athletes in the World - Tony Horton P90X

SHAUN T - $10 million,  Shaun Thompson is an American fitness trainer who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Born in Camden, New Jersey, Shaun Thompson, also known as Shaun T., graduated from Rowan University, where he earned a degree in Sports Science and a minor in Theater/Dance. He began working as a trainer at various fitness centers, such as Equinox, and used his dance training to improve his aerobics classes. He began his professional career in fitness working at Wyeth, a pharmaceutical company, as a trainer and health program manager. He then moved to Los Angeles, and began working as a choreographer, trainer, and dancer, eventually dancing for Mariah Carey, among other music stars. While working at Equinox in L.A., he was invited to submit a workout video to Beachbody, LLC. He began making workout videos for Beachbody in 2006 with "Hip Hop Abs", and shot to stardom with his "Insanity" workout series.

And there you have it! For a complete list go here. If you notice, most of the athletes are entrepreneurs. These athletes were smart enough to know that they could not be on top forever, so they diversified their income and started businesses on the side. This concept is not just for the top athletes around the world, anyone could use this strategy! Be smart, do something on the side, because there is nothing wrong with having multiple sources of income. But whatever you do, I highly recommend that you do what you love, and love what you do with passion.

See you on the beaches of the world!

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