Monday, February 23, 2015

50 Ways To Be More Active

50 Ways to Be More Active - Staying Active Tips - Healthy Lifestyle Tips - Beachbody Challenge
50 Ways To Be More Active

Have you heard this before "I'm just too busy!" =) Well I've got some great news for you,  here are 50 Ways to Be More Active without changing what you're already doing.

But just as a reminder, if it's important to you, then you'll find a way, if it's not, then you'll find an excuse.

50 Ways To Be More Active:

1.  Take a walking lunch
2.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator
3.  Ride a bike to work
4.  Get off the bus or train a couple stops early
5.  Park at the far end of the parking lot
6.  In a queue, stand on the balls of your feet
7.  Stretch at your desk
8.  Walk through the entire supermarket
9.  Do leg raises while watching TV
10.  Play with your kids or pets every evening
11.  Do squats while brushing your teeth
12.  Do calf raises while making food
13.  Walk around while talking on the phone
14.  Dance in the elevator
15.  Keep an exercise log
16.  When leaving the house, jump up and touch the door frame
17.  Only drive to places that you can't walk to
18.  Spend an hour a day standing or walking
19.  Start a garden
20.  Go to a museum once a month
21.  Hold a plank while reading the news on your iPad or tablet
22.  Hang out with more active people
23.  Get a friend to join your for a regular walk or online fitness challenge
24.  Explore your own city on the weekend
25.  Do house work really fast, do it for time!
26.  Do push ups during video game re-spawns
27.  Find a physical activity that you can enjoy doing daily
28.  Add a more active spark into your love life
29.  Carry shopping bags along your sides as you walk
30.  Race your friends or family to nearby locations, on foot of course =)
31.  Hop on the spot while the kettle boils water
32.  Do angel wings in bed in the morning
33.  Stand on one leg while waiting for someone
34.  Volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen
35.  Listen to inspiring music in the morning and read personal development
36.  Wash your own car and vacuum it yourself
37.  Sit down but move your chair away for 30 seconds
38.  Join a running club or a fitness community
39.  Pick up a basket at the supermarket instead of a cart
40.  Walk up escalators instead of just riding up
41.  Set a fitness goal the the beginning of every day
42.  Read motivational training quotes online
43.  Set a timer to get up and walk around every 45 minutes
44.  Get a Swiss (exercise) ball and do 10 crunches every time you stumble upon it at home
45.  Wear comfortable shoes to be able to move more
46.  Cook your own meals
47.  Do forward lunges during TV commercials
48.  Set an alert for a daily workout on your phone
49.  Use a pedometer to count your steps
50.  Challenge yourself at every opportunity

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50 Ways to Be More Active - Staying Active Tips - Healthy Lifestyle Tips - Beachbody Challenge

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